Mini-Office Lapbook and file folder fun!

We made some file folder games today and a mini-office for my 2nd grader. Here is the mini-office. If you aren’t familiar with this concept, its basically just a helper for the kids to keep at their desk, so they have quick easy access to the most commonly asked questions. This one is a math office:

Here are closeups, this one took 2 manila folders glued together:
Far Left page: Middle: Far Right:

Back Right: Back Middle: Back Left:

I made the measurements file because I couldn’t find one I liked, you can download that here. It includes Liquid measurements, weight, left/right, calendar, and ruled measurements.

The rest of the items I downloaded from these great sites:
Homeschool Creations
Busy Teachers Cafe
Squidoo Mini Office

Pumpkin Phonics from File Folder Fun (Scroll down for this one) Its a game to distinguish between words and ‘non-words’

Space Rhymes from File Folder Fun

Fall Leaves: Addition and Subtraction facts from File Folder Fun

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