Scratch and Sketch Books


We recently got our hands on some of these fun Scratch and Sketch books! These super cute books come with a small blurb about each item and a drawing for the kids to copy if they so choose.

The pages are black and each book comes with a wooden stylus used to ‘scratch’ the image into the black coating.


Of course they each have a different fun background that will show through as you draw the picture.


Here are some of our creations:

This book is a fun art addition to our workboxes whenever we have an open spot!

We have the Rainforest Scratch and Sketch (Sorry, I can’t find this one on Amazon) and the Under The Sea Scratch and Sketch.

Here are some more fun Scratch and Sketch books:


  1. I got the Christmas version of this book last year at B&N; on clearance after Christmas. My kids have LOVED it! I do too!

  2. Those look like fun!!!

  3. ohhh my little girl would love one of those!! i will have to search that out!

  4. She did a great job with the drawings. Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks so very much for this recommendation! My girls will love them.

  6. I remember using scratch-n-sketch paper when I was a kid! I didn't know they still made it. What fun!Timfrom

  7. Those are really cool! My daughter would love them!Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!

  8. My daughter got one for her birthday. All 4 of my kids love it!!!

  9. Those ARE fun! I buy plain scratch-and-sketch sheets in bulk, and I have a big stack of them, with a few styluses, on one of the homeschool shelves in the study. I love the things that my girls create with them!

  10. Erica,These look fantastic! Can you tell me what the worldview, if any, there is? Like any comments on "millions of years ago…" or the like.

  11. In Canada, I've seen them at Chapters too – I thought they were cute as well! Almost got one… but just a tad too old for my toddler still 😉

  12. My Way Home: We have the Rainforest and Under the Sea books and neither of them mention anything about 'millions of years ago'. They simply state random facts about each thing, like this animal eats 1000 bugs each day or stuff like that. Nothing evolutionary. I can't speak to the other books they offer, but in mine there is nothing worldview.

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