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Ham, Egg, & Cheese Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

Hi everyone, I have another fast and easy breakfast recipe for you today! My son loves breakfast sandwiches and he loves bagels. So he’s been asking for these breakfast bagels quite a bit lately. And they’re super easy too, which is just what I need! Ingredients: Bagels Eggs Cheese Ham (You can use sausage patties too!) Butter or cooking spray…

Egg in a Hole

Wondering what to make for breakfast this morning? Kids don’t want cereal again, but you don’t have much time? Try Egg in a Hole! It’s super fast, super easy, and only takes eggs, bread, and a little butter! YAY! Ready, set, go! Ingredients: Bread Round cookie Cutter (Or you can cut out a center hole using a knife.) Eggs Butter…

Kid friendly Green Smoothie Recipe

  Hi everyone! I’ve posted several of our smoothie recipes before, and today I wanted to share my kid friendly Green Smoothie recipe! We’re always experimenting with smoothies here, and we drink them almost every morning. Turbo is our resident smoothie expert, and since we drink them frequently he’s been working out a recipe that tastes both great for kids…

Yummy Homemade Pancake Recipe

Good morning readers!  Today I wanted to share a yummy homemade pancake recipe with you! I’m still working on perfecting these, but for the most part the kiddos like them just as good as the frozen waffles that you pop in the toaster and they’re just as easy, but full of good things instead of processed ingredients that no one…


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