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Ask Erica…Frequently Asked Questions Vol. 2

I get a lot of the same questions over and over, so I thought I’d do another Frequently Asked Questions post. Here is a link to my first Frequently Asked Questions post in case you missed it. 1. How do you do it all? The truth is I don’t! But you can click here to see how I do do…

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How Do You Do It All?

I’ve gotten several emails lately asking me how I “do it all”, you know, homeschool, cook, clean, do laundry, make printables, blog, and stay sane. After I got done laughing hysterically, I thought I should just be honest and lay it out for you. Keep it real. The short answer: I don’t. The Long Answer: I know it may seem…

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Frequently Asked Questions

I seem to be getting a lot of similar questions, so I thought I’d address some of them in one spot, so here goes… 1. What age did you start doing your prek activities with your children? I started doing our prek stuff with my daughter at 3.5. Really I think this is sort of on the young side, the…

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