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Expedition Earth: Mexico

Hola and welcome to our week on Mexico! Here’s what we did this week, and what we got pics of! Located Mexico & the Gulf of Mexico on the map and completed our worksheet How to say “Hello” in Spanish– Hola! Prayed for the Spanish people Learned a Spanish Song Made homemade tortillas Completed a lapbook activity Learned about and…

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United States: Navajo Sand Painting Craft

We made this fun Navajo Sand Painting craft for our week on the United States of America! Well, not this one, the below painting was done by my dad, he’s done sand paintings for years and this was one he gave to me for my birthday! Thanks Dad! It is super easy and fun, but a bit messy so be…

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Expedition Earth: United States of America

Hello and welcome to our Expedition Earth week on the United States of America! My daughter told me at the start of this lesson, mom, we live here, we don’t need to study it! Here are some more of the fun things we learned about on our expedition this week: Recited the Pledge of Allegiance (we do this daily anyway)…

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Expedition Earth: Canada

Salut and welcome to our Expedition Earth week on Canada! We had a great time learning about this unique country and the kids loved that they are our neighbor! Of course we started off stamping our passports and finding Canada on the map (yes, that’s the Teeny Tot, she insists on doing everything the big kids do): Here are some…

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