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Strawberry, Pecan, Feta Salad Recipe

This gorgeous salad is quick and easy, not to mention delicious!   I don’t always like to eat “kid food” for lunch, so I’m always looking for something a little more adult I can pull together. I found this pack of honey roasted pecans in the salad dressing isle of my grocery store and wanted to give them a try.…

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Colorful Fall Salad Recipe

I found this beautiful Fall Chopped Salad recipe a few weeks ago and knew it would be a crowd pleaser! Plus it’s so colorful and fun looking that it will go great with just about any dish!   I modified the recipe a bit from the original to fit our family better, and it was just as  yummy and I…

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Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe for Mom!

With all of the Mac-n-Cheese and chicken nugget requests around here, I really needed a lunch idea that I could throw together easily for me! Now, I know you all don’t need me to tell you how to make a scrumptious salad for yourselves, but maybe just a little inspiration to remind you how easy it can be! So for…

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Summer Fruit Salad Recipe

I have a refreshing and light fruit salad recipe to share with you all today. This is going to be short because how much can one really say about fruit?     It’s not super fancy, but it is super easy and it is super yummy! I know, I know…you all don’t need my advice on the fruit front, but…

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Yummy Fruit Salad Recipe

  Anyone looking for a super yummy fruit salad recipe? This one was a crowd pleaser for my entire family! Okay, I know you all know how to make a fruit salad, but I really think I’ve found the most wonderful combination of fruit ever! So at the risk of being lame I’m going to share it! Ingredients: 2 Pink…

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Tortellini Antipasto Salad Recipe

  Hi everyone! I wanted to share a super quick and easy summer salad recipe. As a homeschooling mom I rely on things that are fast and easy when it comes to food, and this yummy salad fits the bill! Ready to try it yourself? Seriously, this is so easy you’re going to thank me! Ingredients: Tri-Colored Tortellini (I found…

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Sweet Broccoli Salad Recipe

Well, I really should preface this recipe by saying it was NOT loved by all…except me…I ate almost the whole bowl…I know, not on my diet plan, don’t remind me! But in my defense, its deceptively healthy looking with all that broccoli! That said, Sweet Broccoli Salad is apparently an acquired taste. And if my husband didn’t hate broccoli…and my…

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