Up for a Challenge #7: Mouse House

We love participating in the Up for a Challenge Series from Delightful learning! I'm just a tad behind on keeping up with them, but we squeeze these in whenever we have time. If you haven't heard of it, click the button below to check it out! Sadly, I was out of some of the needed supplies for this one, so we had to improvise. After making them try to use the small paper cups, I let them go ahead and chop up a rigatoni box for the house. They worked extremely well together on this project. Scores: 10/10 room purpose 20/30 creative use of materials 30/30 performance 10/10 persuasive performance 20/20 teamwork! Overall: 90/100 They had a great time doing the project, were wonderful sharing, and working together to create a home, and were very funny to listen to while discussing the house. If you’re interested in participating in Up for a Challenge visit Delightful Learning! … [Read more...]


Up For A Challenge: Build a Bridge!

So we’re totally behind on this, but I finally got around to participating in the Instant Challenge hosted by Michelle @ Delightful Learning. It’s called "Up for a Challenge?" and it is a weekly meme geared towards encouraging students to participate in teamwork, critical thinking and creative problem solving by working on a challenge. We started with the first challenge: Build a Bridge! As you can see my son wasn’t too into this project, but he did eventually build his own bridge…unfortunately a 0/50 for teamwork for this guy today. After several attempts from my 3yr old to ‘help’ her sister, she finally gave up as well. My 6yr old ended up finishing the project by herself: Our score: 10/10 points for a finished bridge 20/50 points for 4 weights held by bridge before collapsing! 20/20 points for creativity, (this was hard to judge, I mean she’s 6 and did it, so I think that’s pretty creative!) 5/20 points for teamwork, though it wasn’t her fault the team bailed! 20/20 points … [Read more...]