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    World Geography: Kenya Unit Study

    Jambo everyone, and welcome to our Expedition Earth World Geography week in Kenya! Here are Some Things We Learned: Where Kenya is on the world map & located Nairobi Learned a song in Swahili How to say “Hello” in Swahili Prayed for the people of … [Read More...]

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    iBlog & iBlog Pro Bundle Sale!

    Hi everyone, are you thinking about starting a blog? Do you wonder how to make some extra income for your family at the same time? Well, we have iBlog and iBlog Pro bundled for you at a discount yipee! But you’ll have to hurry the sale ends April 20th at midnight!   Disclosure: I am a … [Read More...]

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    Hands on Easter Activities for Kids

    Bunnies, chicks, eggs…oh my! All of those things are fun, but I really want my kiddos to get the real meaning of Easter as well! So here are a few of my favorite ideas to help make this Easter special! Since Easter is quickly approaching I’m in the mood for Easter Activities! Yesterday I shared … [Read More...]

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    FREE Parenting Webinar with Amy McCready!

    Good morning parents! Are you wondering how to get your kids to listen without nagging, reminding, or yelling? Look no further! I’m partnering with Amy McCready in another great FREE parenting webinar for you! Amy is founder of Positive Parenting Solutions & TODAY Show contributor. Together … [Read More...]

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    The Time Machine Literature Unit

    Hi everyone! Today I have another fun literature classic for you, The Time Machine Unit Study! Hope you enjoy! Story Summary: The Time Machine tells the story of an anxious scientist who discovers how to travel through time. He starts in London in 1895 and travels all the way to the year … [Read More...]


Daily Homeschool Schedule: Preschool


I’m going to do a short series of posts titled ‘Daily Homeschool Schedule’ for you all. I’ve had countless questions about our homeschool schedule. And you can see a basic overview of our daily schedule here. But more specifically you’ve been asking questions about how long we do each subject, how many days per week, and what our day looks like hour by hour for each grade level. So for the next few weeks I’m going to share our schedule in a more detail by each grade level. Download a copy: Daily Schedule Prek – PDF Daily Schedule Prek – Word Doc (Editable)   Today we’ll be taking a closer look into the life of the Teeny Tot. She’s currently 4 years old and doing preschool this year. Since she won’t be doing kindergarten until next year, we’ll be doing another round of Letter of the Week and add in a few of the K4 activities as she’s ready.   Here’s our Basic Preschool Schedule: 8:30am   – Breakfast / Family Devotion Time 9:00am   – … [Read more...]


Homeschooling in Colorado


Good morning! Are you homeschooling in the state of Colorado? Not sure what the laws are, or how to get started? For all of you fellow Colorado homeschoolers out there I have created an eBook on homeschooling in the state of Colorado that I wanted to share. I know that homeschooling in general can be a very daunting task. All of the curriculum choices, lesson planning, learning styles, and self-doubt that surround us as we start out can be discouraging. It is my vision to help make the process of homeschooling a little bit easier and take some of the “mystery” and stress out of homeschooling. So let’s get started with homeschooling in Colorado… Homeschooling in Colorado eBook includes things like: Standardized testing State laws Attendance requirements Subject requirements Record Keeping Reporting Educational field trip ideas Homeschooling support groups Conventions & Fairs Teacher Supply Stores --> Download the Colorado … [Read more...]


LEGO Education Simple Machines Giveaway


Hi readers! I’m so excited about today’s giveaway! As many of you know we’ve been absolutely loving the LEGO Education products lately. And my kiddos are super excited that we’ve added them into our curriculum this year. We’re going to be doing a co-op with the  LEGO Education Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Base Set this year, but I’ll have more to share on that later. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set and Software for you. This stuff is so cool, I had no idea! Literally. I had no idea until my friends 12 year old showed me how to use it. And yes, I felt old. But then I realized how cool this product is!   As I mentioned, we received the LEGO Education WeDo Construction Set, Activity Pack, and Software set. We downloaded the Farris Wheel instructions from their online resources, then built the project using the WeDo 9580 + 9585 sets combined. Once our project was complete, we installed the LEGO Education WeDo … [Read more...]


October 2013 Monthly Meal Plan Recipes


Hey everyone! Wondering what to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Don’t worry, I have another monthly meal plan for you today that can answer that question. And as always my plan includes meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! I really can’t believe how fast this year is going by, and so I’m thankful to have another meal plan to the rescue. They really do help save my sanity and keep my family fed! Hope you enjoy it, and that it relieves a little bit of your daily stress level. Click below to download your preferred meal plan: October 2013 Monthly Meal Plan PDF October 2013 Monthly Meal Plan Word Doc (Editable version) Hope you enjoy! Have some recipes to share? As always make sure to leave a comment below if you have any good recipes to share! … [Read more...]


World Geography India Unit Study


Namaste! And welcome to our Expedition Earth week on India! This week we learned a lot about India’s culture and animals! Of course we started off by stamping our passports!   Here are some more of the things we learned about this week: Completed our Mapping Worksheet Learned the Anilae Anilae song (Wee Sing CD) Prayed for India Learned how to say hello in Hindi Learned about the flag and colored our worksheet Learned about Children in India Made a Lassi, the Taj Mahal and an inlayed jewel stone craft Completed our India Lapbook component Tried Indian cuisine And as usual, at the end of the week, we stamped our passports! We found India on the map, then located the capital, Mediterranean Sea an Dead Sea: We colored and learned about the flag of India. We made fun inlay jewel mosaics. For this I used self hardening Crayola Clay and plastic jewels. We learned about animals from India: Then we talked about the facts we … [Read more...]


What’s in the Workbox Wednesday: Preschool


Hi everyone! I have another What’s in the Workbox Wednesday posts for you today. The Teeny Tot is actually on Letter X this week (see yesterday’s post) but I took the pics for this post last week so they have letter W activities in them. The Teeny Tot is finishing up my Preschool letter of the Week. Then we’re probably going to go through it again with some K4 Kindergarten mixed in as she’s ready for it. She’s still four so I don’t want to do full Kindergarten with her just yet. So I’m going to slowly mix in K4 items as she’s ready. Here is the list of her activities for the year. As you can see I really only put our Bible, Daily Learning Notebook, and Letter activities. The rest we do as a group so I don’t keep them in her drawers. Art: World’s Greatest Artists 2 and See the Light Art DVDs Preschool: Letter of the Week & K4 Curriculum Bible: My first hands on bible & Grapevine Traceable Units P.E.: Family Time Fitness Other: Anything fun we’re doing that … [Read more...]


Preschool Letter X Activities


Hi everyone! Well, the Teeny Tot is nearing the end of our Letter of the Week activities! This week we’re working on the Letter X, and then only two more letters to go! We’ll be having fun with Xylophones this week. And before any of you ask, yes I’m working on another variation for letter X because I realize that xylophone isn’t exactly the best pronunciation for the letter “X”. Xx Tracing Card: These larger tracing letters are great for kiddos who aren’t quite ready for my regular pre-writing practice pages. Its larger and easier to trace. You could use markers, crayons, or laminate and use with Expo Dry Erase Markers.   Letter X Memory Verse: “eXceeding great and precious promises are given unto us” 2 Peter 1:4 Click here to download the verse puzzle. Letter Poking Page: We typically use a toothpick, or we also have these cute Oversized Push Pins, to poke holes through the paper in the shape of the letter. Print on regular paper for easier poking, and do this one on … [Read more...]


Lakeshore Learning Arts & Crafts Center


Hello fellow homeschoolers! Today I have a fun review and discount coupon just for you! This week we had the privilege of reviewing the new Arts & Crafts Supply Center from Lakeshore Learning. Psst… keep reading for a special discount to Lakeshore Learning!   While all of my kiddos love to do crafts, this is right up Strawberry Shortcake’s alley. As a matter of fact the second she saw this set her eyes lit up and she got right to work! (P.S. The tray Strawberry Shortcake is working on is also from Lakeshore Learning, they are Easy-Clean Craft Trays and they come in a set of 4 which is perfect for us. We use them all the time for crafts!)   The kit comes completely stocked with just about everything you can think of to create some super cool art projects. And it’s all housed in this sturdy plastic container. Each of the little boxes pull out for easy access.   First up Strawberry created this fun name plate hanging. (Sorry I … [Read more...]


World Geography Japan Unit Study


Konnichiwa! And welcome to our world geography unit on Japan. We’re having a great time as we travel through Asia with our Expedition Earth Geography Curriculum! I’m so glad I took the time to get it all together, it’s really paying off and the kids are having a great time learning about our world!   Here are some more of the things we learned about this week: Completed our Mapping Worksheet We learned about oceans this week as part of our ecosystem study Learned the Japan song Prayed for the people of Japan Learned how to say hello in Japanese Learned about the flag and colored our worksheet Learned about Children in Japan Made Colorful Carp, Karesansui Mini Sand Gardens, origami & the Itsukushima Torii Shrine Completed our Japan Lapbook component Enjoyed an evening out to sushi! And Stamped our passports! Of course we stamped our passports and greeted each other! I’ve found it useful to review all the continents and oceans daily, then … [Read more...]


What’s in the Workbox Wednesday: 5th Grade


Good morning everyone. Welcome to another What’s in the Workbox Wednesday! Today we’ll be sharing our workboxes for Strawberry Shortcake who is currently in the 5th grade.      As you can see her first box contains supplies and our famous Daily Learning Notebook. I found our expandable drawer organizer at the Container Store. I realize Strawberry Shortcake is in 5th grade and does not need to do the daily notebook any longer, but they all love it and requested to do it this year again. She’s doing the cursive daily learning notebook. Strawberry Shortcake (5th grade) Art: World’s Greatest Artists 2 and See the Light Art DVDs Bible: Grapevine Studies, and Kay Arthur Discover 4 yourself Spelling: All About Spelling English/Grammar: Rod & Staff English 4 Reading: Abeka 5 Math: Math U See Epsilon History: Abeka History Literature: Classical Literature Units Music: World’s Greatest Composers Vol 1 (Continued from last year) … [Read more...]