I saw something this morning that really made me laugh:
Boy: n. (boi) Noise with dirt on it.
nuff said…

Just for fun, here is one of my favorite pictures of my boy and his Daddy going to get the mail together.

I had my 6 week post-pardom doctors appointment today, and sadly found out that my uterus (which I thought was still shrinking) was back to its original size, so the rest of my stomach was just fat I need to get rid of! Bummer…guess I’ll go on a walk later 😉

Just to help facilitate the baby-fat weight loss, I spent the afternoon watching QVC Scrapbooking Day and trying really hard not to buy anything. I did find some other cool stuff online:

1. Rhonna Farrer has a new digital kit on Two Peas that is fantastic. And even the name makes me totally happy: Old Stamps.

2. Another digital brush kit I came across recently is from Katie at Designer Digitals: the one I love is called Date Stamps. Dig the digital stuff…did I mention I do some sidework graphic type stuff, webstuff, etc. Lots of fun.

So how’s my day, you ask?… well just to give you an idea here’s an excerpt from an earlier conversation:
Me: “Hey kid, whatcha doing”
Kid: “Cleaning the floor”
Me: “WHAT?”
Kid: “Weeell, I’m just cleaning the floor”

Yeah, well, that’s obviously never a good answer! For the 2nd time in 2 days she got into the bathroom, but didn’t get undressed fast enough and peed on the floor. Then she kindly takes as much toilet paper as her little hands can wad up and mush it all over the floor then put it in the toilet. (My husband’s turning red now, and I can hear him “did you spank her!?!”) No, I didn’t spank her, just told her not to put all that paper in the toilet b/c it would clog, and cleaned her and the floor off. Why no spanking? Because she was in there trying, just didn’t make it in time.
To make things even more fun my son came in to see what all the hubub was about and stepped right in the pee, then proceeded to walk around thinking it fun that he could see little wet foot prints on the floor.

I find it somewhat humerous that I used to manage a whole team of people when in the workforce, but have a hard time managing 3 little ankle biters!

Well, anyhoo, I suppose I should go tend to the youngin’s who are fighting over a bottle of fake finger nail polish (even though they have a HUGE playroom full of toys). Have a cheery day all…

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