I Found this awesome idea for my math u see blocks! We’ve been having some issues with our baby trying to eat the blocks, so I’m hoping that this will solve that issue. Then there’s the issue of my daughter digging and digging to find the correct block that she needs (We used to have them all jumbled up in a shoebox container). Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m all up for organization and time savers! I got the Small Craft Organizer from The Container Store, I seriously would just buy the whole store if I could LOL!


  1. So HAPPY to see this…I haven't even read it yet but am really needing to do something w/ ours. I've been a little OCD with organizing them into the original (getting ruined) box after every time. This will help us!

  2. Erica, I LOVE your container idea for MUS! Quick question…when you say you have yours separated into 2 containers now…do you mean that you bought 2 of these at The Container Store? I’m trying to decide if i want to buy 2 containers from TCS or buy the big MUS box ;P. Just wanted to see if i understood you correctly 😛

  3. Do you have all the 100s blocks in the bottom? I bought this container that you have the link to,but I can not get all the 100s in. Just wondering if you got them all in or if they have changed this box.


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