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2024 Pillow of the Month Series!

Join me for the 2024 Pillow of the Month series!

Check out our other monthly series!

Each month will feature a different pillow design and a seasonal quilt too! Patterns will be available in Quilty and Cross Stitch versions, choose your favorite or do both!

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2023 Sew With Me Series!

Join me for the 2023 Sew With Me series!

This beginner-friendly sewing series is the perfect place to start!

This Sew With Me series is full of fun, and beginner-friendly quilt block patterns that will help build your quilting skills! The series includes 12 quilt blocksvideo tutorials to help walk you through each block, and a few different finishing options as well. 

If you’re ready to get started, join me for the Sew With Me Series!

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Sewing & Quilting Tutorials

Erica’s Craft Supply Caddy Tutorial!
Stop by and join me for this easy and cute supply craft caddy tutorial! It's perfect for keeping your crafts organized and on-the-go!
Read More "Erica’s Craft Supply Caddy Tutorial!"
Sew Together Bag Zipper Pouch Tutorial
Today I'm showing you how to make the Sew Together Zipper Bag! It features three zipper pockets, and is perfect for sewing, knit and crochet supplies, makeup, art supplies, and more!
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EASY Gauze Star Ornament Tutorial
Come make these hand-made, cozy, vintage star ornaments, perfect for the holidays!
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2023 Sew With Me | Block #10
Stop by and download Block #10 of our 2023 Sew With Me Beginner Learn To Quilt series!
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Homeschooling Tip Tuesday

See all of my HOMESCHOOL posts here
My Top 5 Tips for Online School
I wanted to share some of what we've learned over the past few years and how I like to stay organized while overseeing my student in an online school setting.
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Mid-Year Homeschool Motivation
Having troubles getting your kids motivated to homeschool after the holiday break? Check out my tips for getting motivated for the new year!
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You Got This Homeschool Thing!
Having a rough transition back to school? Stop by for some tips on how to make your homeschool year better!
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Short-Term Homeschooling
Are you considering short term homeschooling due to COVID or another life circumstance? Here is what you need to know before starting!
Read More "Short-Term Homeschooling"
What is a Lapbook?
So what the heck is a lapbook and why should I use them in my homeschool? Well I’m so glad you asked! We’ve been using...
Read More "What is a Lapbook?"

Homeschooling 101: A Guide to Getting Started!

New to Homeschooling?

So you’ve finally decided to homeschool…but have no clue where to get started? After thousands of emails asking for help getting started homeschooling, I thought a book that set it all out for you in a step-by-step format would a great benefit to new and current homeschoolers!

Check out my Homeschooling 101 A Guide to Getting Started. In this book I share my step-by-step guide to getting started, choosing curriculum, creating lesson plans, staying the course and more!

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