Hi everyone! After thousands of emails asking for help getting started homeschooling, I have finally decided to create the Ultimate How to Homeschool Masterclass!

Discover How To Homeschool Today!

Join me in my Ultimate How to Homeschool Masterclass! In this course you will learn everything you need to know to be able to homeschool your children and have your BEST HOMESCHOOLING year yet!

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Homeschooling can become quite overwhelming without a good plan.

But don’t worry! I am here to help show you how to get started homeschooling your unique family today!

So you’ve finally decided to homeschool…but have no clue where to get started? I wanted to create this eCourse to help guide you through your homeschooling journey step-by-step!

What makes this class unique is that I am going to show the logistics you need to know to get started homeschooling as well as teach you how to choose the best curriculum for your family, organize your homeschool and how to schedule your days!


We’ll talk about all about homeschooling laws, getting started homeschooling, choosing the best curriculum for your family, what to teach and when, setting a realistic daily schedule, and organizing all of that homeschooling ‘stuff’ so you can have your best year homeschooling ever!

Together we’ll make your homeschooling journey rewarding and inspiring!

Join me in my Ultimate

*** How to Homeschool Masterclass ***

Learn Helpful Strategies For Getting Started and Staying the Course!


This course features 18 full length video lessons plus a ton of bonus downloads all designed to help give you the confidence you need to be able to have a successful homeschooling journey!

  • Learn all about the logistics of getting started homeschooling
  • Learn about teaching methods and learning styles
  • Learn what you need to teach and when
  • Choose the best curriculum for your family
  • Navigate homeschool conventions with confidence!
  • Learn how to organize your school area and your student materials including daily work
  • Learn how to create lesson plans for your entire year!
  • Create a step by step, realistic homeschool schedule
  • Learn how to get into a good homeschooling routine!
  • Learn about standardized testing
  • Learn how to homeschool on a budget
  • Learn how to balance and teach multiple grades effectively
  • Day 1 Logistics: What does homeschooling really look like?
  • Find the best homeschool software/planners/tools for you
  • Learn all about grading, and whether or not you should
  • Learn the ins and outs of homeschool co-ops
  • Tackle any doubts and fears you may have about homeschooling
  • Learn how to homeschool for the long haul!
  • Get ONLINE support and encouragement!
  • Get my EXCLUSIVE Ultimate Homeschool Checklist to help you get started!

My eCourses are mobile friendly!

It’s easy to enjoy the course online via your computer and your mobile devices!

Homeschool Organization Course Devices

Once you join the course you’re welcome to download the materials and view the video lessons at your leisure making it super flexible to fit your schedule! You can also re-watch your videos at any time!

You can watch on your computer or any mobile devices making it super easy to access.

Here are a just a few of the things you’ll get with my Ultimate How to Homeschool Masterclass

This is a self-paced 18 video series class where I’ll be personally walking you through all of the steps you need to know to homeschool your family.

The course comes with several BONUS downloads to help you on your homeschooling journey.

The downloads are all in PDF format and may be downloaded and printed as desired. To save on ink you can also read the books on your electronic devices as well. There are also editable schedules that you can customize to fit your unique needs.

HTH_Extras1Homeschool Organization Course Bonus Planner Forms

Homeschool Organization Course Bonus Editable Schedules 

  • BONUS #2 – Learn how to Plan Your Whole Year Homeschool Training Video
  • BONUS #3Private Discussion Group where I’ll answer your unique questions
  • BONUS #4Homeschooling 101 eBook: Guide to Getting Started and Staying the Course
  • BONUS #5 – EXCLUSIVE 12 Month Homeschooling Lesson Planner
  • BONUS #635 Helpful Homeschooling Forms
  • BONUS #7 – EXCLUSIVE Chore Chart and Organizer
  • BONUS #8 – Printable Parent/Family Schedule
  • BONUS #9 – Printable Student Homeschooling Schedule

BONUS!! Get my Exclusive

Ultimate Homeschool Checklist!

When I started homeschooling, I just wanted a checklist that I could go down to make sure I didn’t miss anything and so I’ve created my Ultimate Homeschool Checklist and Budget Planner just for this course!

BONUS!! Learn How to Plan Your Homeschool Year!

I’ve added a bonus video tutorial that will show you how to prepare and plan for your entire homeschooling year in advance. (This video is a bonus from my Ultimate Homeschool Organization Class.)

Then when school starts you can relax and enjoy time learning with your family!

I’ll show you how to…

  • Prepare and plan your entire year before it starts!
  • Create a realistic homeschooling schedule that fits the needs of your family!
  • Choose and gather the best curriculum to fit your needs.
  • Create realistic daily lesson plans.
  • Organize all of that homeschooling ‘stuff’ for both your students and yourself!
  • Schedule in holidays, extra curricular activities and field trips to help make your year more fun and engaging for your kiddos.
  • My tips to make your first day of homeschooling a successful and fun start to the year!


Join Me and Start Your Homeschooling Journey Today!


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  1. Erica, this is so great that you put this together! When people are beginning homeschooling or have begun and are overwhelmed, this is just what they need. While there is no “one size fits all,” there are basics; having a framework along with a realistic expectation of what the days will look like will go a long way to helping people enjoy and find success in their homeschooling years. Plus, providing a support system can mean a world of difference. This Masterclass is like having a friend walk you through the process :). (BTW, I am closing in on my youngest child graduating high school–just 2 more years! It went by too fast!) –Beth

    Beth W.
  2. Christian, thank you so much for sharing the tips for, how to homeschool? Actually, someone needs to help other homeschooling parents who are finding difficult in homeschooling and you are doing it. Great Job, keep writing such blogs which will help others. Some people do need support.

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