(UPDATED: This post was originally published in 2018, and updated in 2020)

Hi everyone! I’ve been homeschooling for awhile now, and today I wanted to share my top 10 things I wish I knew BEFORE HOMESCHOOLING with you all!

Some of these pearls of wisdom were shared with me when we first started as well, but I was just too eager and set in my vision to hear them out. So here I am today, passing them on to you. I hope you’ll find them helpful and that they will encourage you in your journey.

Looking back on our homeschooling journey, it’s easier to see what all of those veteran moms were trying to tell me during the early years.

“Enjoy this time.”

“Teach your kids to love learning.”

“Don’t stress out so much about the right curriculum.”

“Your family is unique, and you have to find what works for you.”

While all of those things are totally true, some of them weren’t exactly helpful as a new homeschooler. Trying to find what “works best for us” was a really difficult task when I didn’t even know where to start! There are so many options, styles, and vendors that it started to become overwhelming.

That said, here are 10 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE HOMESCHOOLING!

  • Number 10. Several stores give teacher’s discounts to homeschoolers!
  • Number 9. Get connected.
  • Number 8. The best curriculum is the one you’ll use!
  • Number 7. There is not one perfect curriculum out there.
  • Number 6. Less is more.
  • Number 5. Make it fun! Take lots of field trips and do hands-on activities.
  • Number 4. Create a schedule.
  • Number 3. Create your own homeschool.
  • Number 2. Be flexible. Seriously. Be flexible.
  • Number 1. Don’t worry about what other people think!

Click here to see more details on the 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Homeschooling!

–>> Get Connected! I’ve been so amazed by the participation in the COAH Community. It’s been a huge blessing for me and hopefully it has been for you all as well!

Check out my I wish I would’ve known forum topic to see what others have to say. Feel free to head over and share some of your things you wish you would’ve known before you started homeschooling too!


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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head. I have been home schooling my youngest son going on 5th year now. My son has grown both in spiritual and education. I have briefly let him attend a Christian school while we moved and where he was excited to attend at first he’s finding it boring now and can’t wait until he can stay home and work the new curriculum we bought this year. He is high is some areas of his education like reading and Bible but he right at or slightly below at other things like language arts.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding me how much good we are doing.

    Trisha L. Luke
  2. This is my second year of homeschooling my daughter. She is a 3rd grader. We have had some hard days with English. I’m using Rod & Staff. Writing sentences and then the answers. She’s frustrated. I’ve tried have her just write the answer. That worked better. But remembering all the rules to subjects, predicates and compounds etc…
    She is not catching on.
    What grade do they actually start teaching english?

    1. We tried Rod & Staff for a year and it just didn’t fit well with us. For grades 1-2 I like to use Abeka Phonics and Sounds and Language for English/Grammar. They do a good job with phonics practice. After that I like to use IEW for English starting in 3rd grade and up, they do a great job at teaching grammar. And I use their writing Level A at that time as well.

  3. Love this! Going in to our 2nd year of homeschooling and our community was hit by a tornado this summer in which we unfortunately lost our home and our car. Thankful for our lives though…nobody got a scratch and we were in the home when it hit! Flexibility has definitely become a huge part of my approach to homeschooling! Thank you for a great blog!

  4. Good tips. I have taught my daughter and now am teaching her children. I have used most of those tips over the years. My grandchildren and I laugh a lot and have fun with our time together. So you might add “laugh a lot.”

    Bobbi Joseph
  5. Seriously 🙂 Where was this post when we started homeschooling? I just had this conversation with a couple fellow homeschool moms. One mom was a veteran, she has two who graduated, and a new to homeschool mom. The conversation was needed and I feel it helped the new homeschool mom <3 I would also have to say that it helped me appreciate how far we have come in the 7 years we have been homeschooling!
    Thank you so much for making this an easy read with additional resources for people who need more 🙂 The things that we have in common, wishing we knew when we started were not minding what other people thought, be flexible, less is more nd the best curriculum is the curriculum you use! Amazing 🙂 Also, very true! It has taken a while and I m feeling confident in the curriculums we have. They flow well with my children's needs, abilities and interests. It can be difficult, at times, because it seems like their interests change at the drop of a hat! Even with that, having the curriculum that meets them where they are at has been a Godsend <3 Thank you for sharing these tips, I know it has helped others that are new and the veterans, among us, that needed this! I know I did 🙂 🙂 🙂

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