Today I’m sharing how you can make this super simple medical face mask. Please keep in mind these masks will not prevent you from getting a respiratory illness, however they can be used to keep someone who is sick from spreading germs while coughing and sneezing.

In some areas, they are also being used by medical professionals during this time as well. Currently, the supply of surgical masks is at a critical all-time low throughout the entire nation. As a community of sewists, this is a great way we can band together and make a huge difference in this time of need!

Watch my How to Sew a Medical Face Mask here:

Download the FREE HOW TO SEW a FACE MASK PDF here!

While handmade fabric masks are NOT a replacement for medical grade masks, in times of emergency, the CDC may allow fabric masks to be used when a shortage such as this takes place. You can read more from the CDC here on the use of homemade masks.



  • Kids: 5″ x 7″ with 5.5″ elastics
  • Adult Female: 6″ x 9″ with 6″ elastic
  • Adult Male: 7″ x 9″ with 7″ elastic

DON’T HAVE ELASTIC? Use ribbon or fabric ties 18”-20” in length.

To make fabric ties, cut a strip of fabric 1-1/2”x 18-20”. Fold one short end 1/4” in and sew. Next fold the fabric strip long edges in so they meet in the center then fold in half lengthwise again. Sew down the open edge to secure. Place the tie with the raw edge next to the corners of the mask just like the elastic is shown in the video. Tip: Make sure not to sew over the loose end of the tie as you sew around the mask.

*** Please wash thoroughly after each use! ***

Tip: Use tightly woven fabric, or hospital grade material. Keep in mind men and women will be wearing the masks when choosing fabric for masks that will be donated.

With the current shortage, I suggest contacting medical facilities in your area to see if they are in need and if so use your skills to help serve our community in this way!

While wearing homemade face masks may not prevent against catching respiratory illness, they can help reduce the spread of large particles when someone who is ill sneezes or coughs.

I hope this tutorial can help some of your families and give you a way to give back and help in this time of need.


  1. Thank you so much for this easy pattern to make the mask, I have been sewing all day and I have been using a lot of fat quarters that I have had just laying around, so I cut out a lot of what I needed and today I have been sewing them together. I have even found a couple short cuts that for me make it easier to make. Some of the one’s I have made have dogs on them and then an orange washed look to the backs, I make the front and backs different so they look fun and not just boring plain colors. Every year I make beds for dogs and cats and donate them to shelters in my area under the guise of a Secret Santa. I always try to find something to do to make someone’s Christmas a little bit brighter, one year I collected all year long books, teddy bears and blankets and other things then boxed them all up and gave them to the fire and police department for kids who have been in an accident or whose parents may have been arrested etc… just something they can give to the kids to make them not so scared. I try to think of something different how I can help and I just do it, not looking for any acknowledgement or any payment of any kind, I just do it because it makes me feel good to be able to give. I live on SS only but what little I can give, I give. anyways, thanks again for this easy pattern and for showing us all how to make them. Excellent Job ! God Bless and Stay Healthy.

    1. Hi! How do you make beds for cats and dogs? Can you share the pattern? I have lots of scrap fabric left over from masks and I’d love to put it to good use. TIA 🌷

      Cynthia Harmel
  2. Thank you sew much!!! I am a father of 2 little ones and we watched your video and with an older sewing made made a few dozen for the entire family!!! Such a great video!!! Ty! Have a nice day..!

    P.s. Are there any exception’s other than flannels?

    Thank you!!!
    Alexis, Kaden, Chris & Heather

    Chris Knox

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