Ever have one of those days where everything seems to take twice as long? That’s me today, just trying to get out of the house is a journey in itself. Why is this? It makes things automatically SEEM worse even though they weren’t all that bad in retrospect. I just don’t get it. Guess we have days like this because then when things go smoothly its like a REALLY good day. Am I making any sense here?

Anyway, tried to get my oil changed today, the gentleman kindly told me “I notice you have a bunch of kids in your car and we’re really busy. If I were you I’d come back later on so you don’t have to wait with all of them” Very nice, thank you sir, a man after my own heart. So we left…

Got home, decided to try the park since we’d taken this useless “oil change trip”. Got everyone out, kids wanted to ride their 4-wheelers to the park. Like a moron, I agree. Had to turn back half way because my son is “steering challenged” and kept driving off the sidewalk. So I carry his 4-wheeler back home, he gets in the stroller without even a fuss (I think he realized we’d never make the park with him driving) and head out, my daughter on her 4-wheeler, me pushing the Cadillac of strollers, the Graco Double Stroller. The thing’s almost as long as my mini-van, or at least that’s what it seems like when trying to navigate through the ridiculously skinny isles at Gymboree. Please, its a kids clothing store, don’t ya think there will be moms with strollers in there? C’MON people!

We tried to go to the park today (emphasis on tried). My dd insisted on riding her little battery operated 4-wheeler that buzzes along at a painfully slow rate. Looking back, I’m not entirely sure what I was thinking, but we did eventually make it to the park, my daughter started swinging as usual, my son started going down the slide as usual, and I sat down for a breather. Just as my bottom hit the sear, I hear “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy” this is his standard way to address me. “Yes?”…”Mommy, Poop”…”Are you pooping dude?”…”Yeah”…okay then, Park trip over. So my daugher got back on her VERY slow 4-wheeler, and we started back, my son riding while standing in the front seat of the stroller so as not to sit in his poop. Good times…good times.

So, now its naptime. My dd’s upstairs NOT napping, sounds like she might be rearranging her room again, the boy is sleeping like a baby as he usually does, and the little baby’s sleeping. She’s probably tired from being up every hour and a half last night. And me? Writing this silly blog…All while knowing my husbands off getting his hair cut at MY haircut place, which makes me VERY jealous. Oh how after today I’d like to just go and sit and have someone do my hair…but chin up jolly fellow, day’s not over yet! And at least I have this picture of my son struggling to squeeze the play-doh out of his little shape maker, that’s good for a laugh any day!

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