Seriously people, when’s spring going to actually arrive? Don’t get me wrong, I love the state I’m in, all 4 seasons, as soon as one ends I’m anxious for the next one to start, but this winter thing is dragging on like nobody’s business! As a matter of fact its snowing right this very second. Its April 11th! If April showers bring May flowers, what does April snow bring? May frost bitten dead flowers?

Sorry, I’ll get off that rant, I’m just tired of freezing my butt off. In a few months I’ll be complaining of the heat I’m sure, but then let’s just say it, a pregnant woman can complain if she wants to darnit. And you husbands ought to agree and do whatever she asks without questioning or whining.

So went to lunch today with my mom. She said to me “Wow, looks like you’re losing weight”. I didn’t tell her it was b/c I’m puking. At lunch the kids were a little crazy and she said “Wow can you imagine what the 4th one would be like? I mean if there were a 4th one”. I think she can sense something.

Okay, just because I can’t handle a publication with no pictures (and for no other reason)

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