Morning all,

Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend! I know you were hanging onto the edge of your seats. Anyhoo, we had a sick weekend over here, not sick as in “cool” but sick as in sick. My grandma is in the hospital, and I ended up with the stomach flu, the kind that makes you do a forced fast of all food lest it come back out. But I’ll spare you anymore as its early morning still. (Yes, I know, noon isn’t actually early morning, but for someone not feeling well and the first time I’m sitting at my computer today, its early darnit!)

Here’s a quick shot of friday’s “Show-n-tell”…

So we are getting new neighbors today, they look older…not that I have anything against older people, just hoping for some kiddos or something. The kind of “older” that allows them to pay for those guys to come, pack their stuff, move it, and then unpack it. Not that I’m sitting here watching out my window, or that there are three little nose prints next to mine. Hopefully they won’t mind the barking dogs, and screaming kids over here…we do have triple pained windows so maybe that’ll help. Oh my gosh, what if they’re the kind of neighbors who like to run right over and introduce themselves? I’d better go clean my house…

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