Bet you thought I’d died? Nope, just the stomach flu, took me out for a whole week. Seriously, I NEVER sit on the couch that much, I even actually napped …gasp!

Anyway, I’m back in full force now, thank you very much. And so today’s all about cleaning, laundry, whining about laundry, and things breaking…

Laundry is taking forever as my washing machine insists on stalling every 30minutes or so, and I have to re-start it, my beloved wireless mouse is on the fritz, which i CANNOT (do you hear me people!?!) CANNOT live without, even writing this is painful…anyway, and to top it all off, I lost my cell phone…another thing I can’t live without, and the ‘ button on my laptop keypad isn’t working either, seriously i have to press it like 3 times to get it to work. And my harddrive is so full, I can’t work on photoshop without getting erros about my scratchdisks being full and my harddrive being too full to function any further. Now I could be wrong here, but Im, dangit! I’m guessing that if my hubby were having these problems, he’d be stopping off at a computer store on the way home. Oh and the scroller on my touchpad just stopped working, lovely.

I know you didn’t realize that I’m a poet, but desperate times call for desperate measures…so without further ado…
Goodbye little mouse
you no longer glow
Don’t know how you broke
I’ll miss you so

I tried duct tape
my hubby’s great plan
but it doesn’t work either
can you lend me a hand?

My touchpad just sucks
its no use to anyone
hope my dear husband
gets me a new Bamboo Fun!

Oh and just incase you were wondering, YES, a two year old CAN fit into the Pottery Barn Baby Sleigh Bed.

Its been a mystery the last few months as to who keeps breaking the Pottery Barn Baby Sleigh Bed…huh…mystery solved my dear watson!

Better run, gotta to re-set my washer. Four hours for 1 load isn’t that bad right?…sigh…

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