As a homeschooling mom, I try to make sure we learn at least 1 thing per day. Today I learned that my refrigerator has a “Lock” control on it.


I learned this after my 4 yr old came running in yelling “Mommy, Mommy! Your baby’s in the water!” Apparently she’s figured out how to scoot, stack and climb her way to just about anything. And today it was a kitchen chair right over to the refrigerator where she proceeded to drench herself, and my kitchen, with a nice stream of cold fridge water.

It hasn’t ended there, she’s found the fruit bowl, yesterday she scooted her chair over to the fruit, snatched an apple, took a bite, looked up, saw me, and took off running and squealing. Today it was an orange…she spit out the peel after taking a bite though, guess it didn’t taste so good. Looks like she’s after a Kiwi this time…


Since then I’ve caught her here:


and here…


and here:


and here:

IMG_4422 IMG_4423

and here…ugh, always here! What is it with the snack cabinet?

and here…but I suppose I can’t complain if she’s doin’ a little math.


And at least once a day she tries this again…but I’ve wised up to her antics.

And the lock’s on baby.

{Please note that no tots were harmed in the making of this post.}


  1. You know I enjoy your blog and all the printable, resources and such that you share. However, I would absolutely follow your blog just for the Tiny Tot posts. That little one is adorable and cracks me up! What a brave and resourceful little girl! You know she's going to be sure to figure out how to get the things she wants throughout her entire life! Great qualities!

  2. I could have sworn that was my little one in the pictures…. but the house gave it away… I am just not that neat.My little one turns two in a month. She learned all these same tricks though very early on…. It bugged the daylights out of me at the time but now its just cute…

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