I found some fun printables for Lego’s at Lego’s Family Time fun website! Each month they release 3 new building instructions. The thing I like is that they are step-by-step printable instructions! Perfect for workboxes!

We downloaded the Dragon from February, it was a great project with easy step-by-step instructions that he did very well following!

IMG_4037 IMG_4040

And for the finished product, we did indeed end up with a Dragon of many colors!


As a side note, this is how we currently store our legos, (he has specialty sets which are usually made as soon as he opens them and kept on display in his room on a shelf), but this box is for our basic set of legos. It’s a Creative Options Grab N’ Go craft case. I like that it’s portable (has a convenient carrying handle) and the front opens to reveal 3 different sorting boxes.

IMG_4043 IMG_4044

I’d originally sorted them by color and size, but as you can see that lasted…NOT!


Overall, if you don’t have billions of lego’s it’s a great storing option. We also use them for my daughter’s bead & jewelry making stuff.


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  2. Oh, this is great!!! Thank you for sharing the link! My kids will LOVE this!!! Now, I just need to purchase some more Legos! I have been "trying" to avoid all those little Lego rascals, b/c they tend to end up ALL OVER THE HOUSE (thanks to the two year olds), but I just simply continue to deprive my kids of Legos….can I!?!?!?! 🙂

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