Hi friends! I have a super easy no-sew fleece blanket tutorial for you today. This project only takes about an hour or so to make and it’s a great gift idea for new babies, birthdays, and holidays!

–>> Watch my No Sew Fleece Blanket Tutorial here!


NOTE: I used 2 yards of fleece from two different prints for a twin bed. If you want to make another size, you’re welcome to do that! You will lose 5″ from all four sides when you’re done with this project, so just take that into consideration when purchasing your fleece.

I didn’t cut it to any specific size, I just trimmed off the edges from both pieces together to make sure they were the same size.

If you want to make baby blanket, or a blanket for a larger bed, simply decide what size you want your finished blanket to be, then add 5” to all four sides to figure out how much fleece to purchase for your unique project.

TIP: I do recommend using fleece for this project. It’s a nice weight and it doesn’t fray when washed.

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I hope you enjoy this project! If you make one, please tag me @ericaarndt on Instagram so I can see it!

Happy making!

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  1. Our local animal shelter gives every new “pet parent” a homemade fleece blanket – just like this one – for every adoption. It’s been a FUN way to easily donate to the shelter!!


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