Guess what time it is? It’s tutorial Thursday! Yippee! And I’ll be showing you how to make this adorable Double Zipper Pouch. I’m calling it “Erica’s Double Zipper Pouch” because, well, my name is Erica. And it’s a double zipper…whatever you get the idea!

It’s the perfect weekend project! Of course you can put anything you like in these pouches, but I like to put my knitting and sewing supplies in them! I keep my frequently used supplies in these so they’re easy to find!

And not only is this project super cute, but it’s functional and also beginner friendly! It features a double zipper as shown giving you ample room to stash your goodies! And if you’re new to sewing with zippers, don’t worry I’ll show you step-by-step how to add these to your project!

Watch Erica’s Double Zipper Pouch video tutorial so you can follow along with me as I sew!

Do you prefer written instructions? Get Erica’s Double Zipper Pouch PDF written instructions here!

Supplies used in this tutorial: 

And that’s it friends! As you can see this project is super easy and perfect for storing all kinds of goodies from school supplies to craft supplies and more!

Do you prefer a written pattern? Get Erica’s Double Zipper Pouch PDF here!

If you make this project make sure to tag me @ericaarndt on Instagram or Facebook and use #ericasdoublezippouch so I can see your projects!


  1. Hi Erica – in your video I think you skipped the part about the batting – you didn’t show how you added it and/or if you quilted it, etc… I was wondering if you could explain that part. Thanks so much, I can’t wait to make one of these!

    1. Hi Erica. I ham having trouble with your double zipper pattern. I’ve got to the part where you join the complete pouch & I don’t know where I went wrong!! The lining pieces don’t reach each other! Where did I go wrong

      1. Hi, without seeing a photo of what you mean it’s hard to tell what you’ve done wrong. The lining pieces should be the same size, so when you layer them together with the zipper and outside of the bag they should all line up.

  2. Hi Erica, First a note to say I love your videos and I have made the squishy pouch with great success. BUT the double zipper pouch gave me angst because you left out the batting or interface part. I ironed some interfacing on at the end and it turned out okay. I will add, I am getting quite proficient at putting in zippers! I wish I knew how to include a photo with this comment I would send my squishy pouches as well. I am super proud of the way they turned out. Do you have an email or FB I could send them too?

    Mary Ellen Doyle
    1. Hi Mary Ellen,
      I know, I’m so sorry for some reason that clip was left out. Right after I cut all of the little corners out of the bottoms, I used 505 spray adhesive to secure a piece of batting to the outside front pocket and the other one to the outside back of the bag.


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