Hi everyone! I’m excited to see that the 2010 Homeschool Blog Awards are coming soon!


Here’s the schedule:

SEPT 17 – Prize page up (but we’ll be adding to it as they come in!)
OCT 15 – Nominations begin
OCT 30 – Nominations end
NOV 6 – Voting begins
NOV 17 – Voting ends
NOV 19 – Winners announced

So keep watch! It’s time to start thinking about your favorite bloggers and get ready to vote! (wink, wink) ;o)


  1. Am I allowed to nominate you for more than 1 category? It says you can nominate yourself but I assure you no need for that, it's the least I can do. Seriously w/out your site my lesson plan would be a mess. My daughter is picking up things so fast it's unbelievable.

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