I’m not sure why, but I LOVE fresh, new, full, unused peices of chalk. Weird I know, but for some reason I find joy here. Like most of the “supplies” of life, I love to get new stuff, crayons, chalk, scrapbook supplies. And I’m an organizer, gotta have everything in its place, hopefully a colorful little tub made especially for that item.

Now, I wish I could say my house always looked like an Ikea add, but sadly its not true, just a dream really, maybe someday when we’re old, have no kids running around moving things from their rightful location, and I’m rich enough to have a maid.

Back to reality…

I am pleased to report that my Bamboo fun is on its way! Yes, I talked my dear husband into one, and it couldn’t get here too soon. Trying to do graphic work with a touch pad that’s crappy to begin with is enough to make one want to jab a hot poker into their eye. Well, that coupled with that infuriating lady on the IVR for our mortgage company who is made to sound ‘friendly and personal’.

Back to things I love right now:
Jesus Christ
New Chalk Sticks
Using New Chalk Sticks
Supplies of any kind
Kids all working quietly at the same time
A Clean House & No Laundry
Knowing I have a Bamboo fun coming in the mail
Newly discovered Photoshop tutorials
My guitars

this is just a list for right this second, please no emails about how I listed chalk but nothing regarding world peace.

Oh and yes, though I’m a clean freak, I DID let my kids paint those dirty pinecones my mother insisted they take home with them.

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