Okay, so this picture doesn’t have anything to do with the letter P, but its one of the things that Teeny Tiny Tot loves to do. So you say “how big are you baby?” and she holds her arms above her head waiting for you to tickle her. Tonight the kids were playing and I was sitting on the floor watching them and heard this little giggling. I looked down and my baby was laying on the floor with her arms over her head giggling waiting for me to notice her! Goofy kid!

Here we are doing our wooden pumpkin coloring craft:

And the color matching pumpkin puzzles, you can download them here. My 3 year old was so funny, she was like “why did you cut these all up!?!” I explained that they were puzzles for her to match, and she said, “well you shouldn’t have cut them in points anyways!”

Our counting game, you can download it here. I was pleased to see that she recognized what a seven was, and even counted that high, although after we got 7 pumpkins on the chart, she insisted on putting all the rest of them on too.

Excellent lacing! I taught her to go up from the bottom each time like when we made our canoes. You can download the lacing pumpkin here!

There were lots of other Letter P activities, if you missed my post on them click here for more info and tons of downloads!

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