Happy Thursday! Today we’re getting out our hooks and I’m showing you how to crochet a two-tone granny square! This is a perfect project for beginners! And I think they look just like half-square triangles. This also means I have a fun little project coming soon that will be perfect for these adorable crochet squares!

Stay tuned for the next video, where I’ll show you how to crochet some single-color crochet granny squares to match our 2-tone squares for an upcoming crochet tote project!

If you want to crochet along with me, make 24 of these two-tone (half-square-triangle) granny squares!

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  • Make a slip knot
  • Chain
  • Double Crochet
  • Change colors in crochet
  • Make an adorable granny square!
  • I used Lori Holt Chunky Thread: Breezy, Denim, Honey, Spring Green, Songbird, Riley Grey, Aqua, Frosting, Pumpkin, Cayenne, Peony Pink, Beehive

Ready to get started? Watch How to Crochet a Two-Tone Granny Square here, and check out the supply list below!


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