Randomly I go back to my beginning blog days and do a “what’s in the box” post…maybe I’ll do it on Wednesdays…”What’s in the box Wednesday”…huh, has a nice ring to it, and today is Wednesday!

So here goes:

  1. Math U See Beta video and workbook
  2. Abeka Spelling
  3. Abeka Language Worksheet
  4. Abeka Phonics Worksheet
  5. Spelling List Practice Sheet
  6. Abeka Phonics flashcards to practice special sounds
  7. Abeka Math 2 workbook (yes, I make her do 2 math’s)
  8. My Father’s World American Pioneers and Patriots
  9. Sue Patrick’s Typing lessons
  10. My Father’s World Art: I Can Do All Things – Paint Dabbing

Underneath the art lesson in the bottom drawer is a crocheted scrunchie craft bag. I got it at Michael’s for $1. She’s learning to crochet, although so far it seems that knitting has been easier for her to pick up. We leave this in the box for her to work on as time allows until completed.

Also, for homework she has a reader that she does nightly with Daddy.

IMG_2824 IMG_2825 IMG_2826 IMG_2827 IMG_2828 IMG_2829 IMG_2830 IMG_2831 IMG_2832 IMG_2833


  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while now and it's one of the best I've seen!! Thank you for all the ideas! I especially love seeing all the things you are doing for 2nd grade since I have a 2nd grader doing A Beka as well! (:

  2. Thank you for your pictures today. I have begun using the workboxes and we are loving them. I love how it is so much easier on me when I am teaching multiple levels and how the children are more independent in their learning as they can move from subject to subject w/o asking me what is next. Thank you so much! Also, I loved the pics today because I was able to share them w/ my older daughter and show her how someone else set theirs up and that it is okay to do a subject twice in the workboxes. 🙂 Thanks for your awesome blog – I read it every day. Happy schooling today.


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