Okay, so we’re learning to knit. I’m not a huge knitter, but for some reason whenever its cold out I feel the urge to knit something. A friend sent me this fun website called Knitting Help. They have VIDEOS which are very helpful since I couldn’t remember how to cast on. Anyway, its fun, the kids are excited and its great for motorskills! Side note: we picked very Manly yarn for the boy. Update: Every one gave it a go, I did most of the knitting for my 3 yr old with her on my lap trying to help. My 2nd grader made her own doll house blanket pictured below:

Here we are finishing up our Letter P stuff, so we colored a pumpkin page.

We did pumpkin bottle cap letter matching. You can download my pumpkin page here, and I got the letter template from Tot School

Our letter p and pom-pom magnet page downloaded from child care land

A fun patterning page with pumpkins downloaded from First School

A pumpkin graphing flip book. You can download it here, just laminate!

Letter P coloring page:

This is our last day of letter P stuff so we always finish by reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and putting up whatever letter we learned that week:

These were just some of my letter P activities, so if you want to see the whole collection, just click here for lots of downloads and ideas!

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  1. That is really cool yarn! Are they going to make something or just practicing? My aunt tried to teach me to crochet over and over but I could never get the hang of it. (in response to your comment awhile back, no I don't have a blog)

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