So much fun for the letter E this week!

Leapfrog Refrigerator Phonics, I’m only putting in vowels that we’ve covered thus far. Each day we work on the ‘sounds’ that the vowels are making, and this was a fun game she already liked before.

I took all of the printable things you see for the letter E from this website, its quickly becoming one of my favorites! So first off is an elephant E picture that I just cut up into 6 peices for an easy puzzle for my 3 year old.

Then some capital E and lowercase e matching cards, notice the pairs are also the same colors, so double your money here!

A super fun wipe-off maze book, everyone loves this one, it practices pre-writing skills, curvy lines, straight lines etc.

Some letter E and e lacing cards, also from here.

And a picture of my tot working her animal matching puzzles from today, she loved this assignment and will do it again for sure! I don’t remember where I printed these from, I’ve had them since my 2nd grader did prek, but they would be easy to make, just print out different items on cards then laminate and cut in half!

PreK boxes are done for the day and on to 2nd grade!

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