Hello! I’m not sure if you noticed, but I finally got my links working on my blog so you can download some of my printables. I went back and updated old posts, so scroll down and feel free to download.

I also think I’m going to seperate out my posts by grade so its not so crazy to read through, so for our kindergarten boxes tomorrow I have the following:

Draw Write Now, I mark the page with a blank peice of paper, he’ll do the Cheetah.

Capital E and lowercase e matching game I downloaded from here.

Read A Loud time, this is his favorite box, not just because of the treat, but because he gets a chance to sit on my lap and its just him and I reading together. I’d previously put it in box 5 all last week, then moved it this week for variety and was quickly reprimanded ! “Where’s my book in box 5!?!” I told him it was in box 9 today and so he moved it back into box 5! LOL! Okay, so he likes consistency, so tomorrow it’ll be back in box 5.

Some of the “Basic phonic flashcards” from Abeka. We put them on the board with little circles above them. We say the names together and he fills in the dots above the words with the short vowel ‘e’ sound in them.

A math game I found at a curriculum sale, but it would be easy enough to make yourself. They just match the card with the correct amount of items on it to the number on the larger card. You can also play bingo with it.

And some fun from today’s school. We did a fun ‘air’ experiment putting empty bottles into water and observing the bubbles that come out of it, proving it’s not empty but infact filled with air! Good lesson here on how even though you can’t see air, it does exist…much like Jesus. We also did a fun race with a bent peice of paper and file folders, they had to ‘blow’ their paper across the finish line first using the file folder. As you can see from the below picture my little man thought this was a waste of time and turned his into a paper airplane that beat everyone.

He enjoyed the Boggle Jr. though I caught him cheating several times, I figure its okay though he’s figuring out what sounds make up the word and also searching for the correct letter on the dice.

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