Is the new week already? What happened to my weekend? I know…I spent it planning school! haha! Oh well, my goal is to stay ahead by at least a week, things seem to change so I don’t want to go too far in advance, but I would like to not be rushing the night before to come up with ideas! Here’s what’s in the boxes for tomorrow:

Kindergarten: Boggle Jr, I just grabbed the cards for E, I, O, U vowels he’s learned so far, the answers are on the cards, but i’m going to try and make him figure it out without looking first.

Consonant Beginning Sounds hot dots, he liked these from yesterday so we’ll do more! Click here to download the Beginning Sounds Consonant hot dot cards. (you’ll have to purchase the hotdots stickers and pen, print, laminate then dot your cards!) Click here for Vowel Consonant Cards.

His lapbook this week: Crabs, specifically the Japanese Spider Crab, yes HE requested this off of our new fancy animals of the world map. I tuned it into crabs in general. We’ll get the book “House for Hermit Crab” for fun, then might take a trip to the store to see some crabs in action.

Here’s the cover (lapbook printables from internet and

And the measuring game my husband thought up, HUGE hit! The kid measured things for the rest of the day, clipping it onto his belt, then finding something cool to measure and calling out the numbers he saw “Mom, what’s 4 and 5?” Me: “forty-five”, Him: “hmm, forty-five”….’Mom, what’s 3 and 3″…etc, by the end of the day he was getting the numbers down and very proud of himself! I’m proud too buddy! Click here for a Tape Measure It download!

2nd Grade boxes: Science with Air, we will do an experiment with a bottle under water to “see” the air come out in bubble form, and also a fun racing game where we create air currents to “blow” our ships to win!

Starting our Jesus Poster, this talks about what His name means: the Lord Saves.

Spanish CD again, she liked this last week and did well, I need to get more spanish supplement stuff though.

+2 hotdots, loved it yesterday, will do again! These are good reviews, she knows all the smaller addition facts, but once you get to around +6 she needs help, these are fun and good for repetition.

First story in American Pioneers and Patriots, we’ll follow stories of kids from pioneer times…

Her lapbook this week: Horses, she’ll learn about the main breeds, their gaits, diet, etc!

Finally, PreK: Beading Pattern blocks again, this time mixing shapes and colors.

Cotton balls, chopsticks and numbed bowls, this is a favorite.

Fun little animal color matching game I made, I colored then laminated the animals and then cut them in half for a fun matching game.

More Kumon Dry Erase Alphabets, I was surprised at how well she managed to do the letters today, I think she was too. So I put in some more for tomorrow.

The beading patterns, she liked these quite well, we’ll try again. Normally I don’t put things in 2 days in a row, but she really liked them and requested to do it again.
Some pics from todays work:
In impromptu Art class on stick figure drawing, they did this by themselves, just because they didn’t want to be done with school! Seriously, can’t complain about that right?

And, yes, I did it. The dreaded playdoh! Always a fun mess to clean up, but the kids did great building letters with them. We did I, i, U, u as those were the ones we studied this week.

Then just to seal the deal, we made these:

Yep, i shaped rice crispy treats and an “Ice Age” movie night! Yippee!

Now its off to Haley’s first “Keepers of the home” meeting tonight, a formal Tea Party, so until tomorrow…Cheerio good chaps! 🙂

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