Well, I’m happy to have the first week down, I never know how school will go, but last week went fairly smooth and I’m crediting it all to the fabulous workboxes! Really, I can’t stress enough how much these have ‘revolutionized’ our homeschool! Everyone loves the boxes, and they really help keep me straight since I’m juggling 3 kids all at different levels. They also force me to find cool creative things to put in the non-core boxes. Overall: Thumbs Up for Workboxes!

Our completed Lapbooks from last week (most of them were printed from http://www.homeschoolshare.com/, the dolphin/whales one came from here.

Found this cool map today at Costco, its an “Animals of the World” map, its a little crazy to read, but super fun to check out. We’ll use it to pick animals for our lapbooks now, as well as our geography stuff too!

So on to boxes, here’s what’s up for 2nd grade along with the standard core stuff:

A nice age appropriate bible for young readers, we’re starting a Jesus section tomorrow, and will be reading from this.

2nd grade addition review, thought we needed to solidify our math facts from last year, plus she likes the hotdots, so I’m going to be putting them in her boxes as we go, we’re starting with +1 since its only week2!

PreK: Dice Game, just a spin on my 2nd grader’s addition dice game, helps with Prek numbers recognition. The rest of her boxes are posted in yesterday’s post if you want to see them:

I just made up a quick worksheet with 1-6 numbers, and I’m guessing she’ll need a ‘work with mom’ sticker on this box, goal: roll the dice, count the dots and circle the number, repeat. You can download a copy of it here.

Kindergarten: Tape Measure It! You can download it here.

My husband came up with this idea today since my son LOVES to measure things with his measuring tape! So I whipped up a sheet with some pictures for him to go around with his tape and measure the items, he has to write the number in the square, then when he’s all done he’ll bring it back to his desk and then graph the items to see which is longest, shortest, etc. I even put it on a little fun clipboard so he feels more ‘official’. He already saw it and is excited to get to his box! The rest of the kindergarten boxes for Monday are posted in yesterday’s blog.
And finally, dare I do it? The Kindergarten Abeka Curriculum calls for letter forming with playdoh, so I guess I will…this will have to be for everyone though, I can’t just put playdoh in someone’s box and not let everyone play!
Well, off to planning the rest of the week!

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