So 2nd grade boxes aren’t quite as colorful to take pictures of, but I’ll list her boxes:

1. Math U See
2. Spelling
3. Draw Write Now
4. Read A Loud and snack
5. Abeka Letters and Sounds worksheet
6. Tangrams, she likes these, this was a fun box, but its still a good ‘thinking’ type box!
7. +3 hot dots, we’ll work through the addition then move onto subtraction, just a review from last year.
8. American Pioneers and Patriots, we’re reading stories from this book through out the year. Right now we’re learning what it was like to sail over to America from Spain. The stories are good, from a kids perspective.
9. Bible: Jesus old testament verse lookups

If anyone has fun ideas for my extra 2nd grade boxes I’ll take them, I want her to have fun things to do as well, but also educational! Leave your ideas in the comments!

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  1. Hi there,
    I am a new homeschool mom. We are just looking for some ideas to get started and I found your site. My son saw the skip count mazes and he LOVED it! I need to print them out for him =)

    Thank you for your site! I am not done browsing around so I will get back to that now. Just wanted to introduce myself and tell you that you have a great page! I may be back with some questions for you later =D

    Have a great day!


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