Welcome to What’s in the Box Wednesday, where I try to share exactly what I’m putting in boxes for the day! Today I’m sharing my Kindergarten boxes and there are lots of ‘Fun Boxes’ this week as it’s our last official week of Kindergarten! Whew!



  1. Abeka Number Flashcards: Before/After Number practice
  2. Abeka Math Worksheet
  3. Kumon Amazing Mazes
  4. Abeka Phonics Worksheet
  5. Ocean Creatures Puzzles (From Borders Bargain Bin)
  6. Abeka “I can read well” series
  7. Dinosaur Sticker Book
  8. CVC Hot Dot Cards

Don’t forget to link up below, I’m sharing Kindergarten, but feel free to link up any age you’d like to share ideas for!


  1. I've been loving your blog. We homeschool our 8yo and 13yo at this time. I wish I had known about the workbox system when they were younger as it would have solved many problems we faced. I've been reflecting on our workboxes for the past school year and linked up my post to our Bible box.

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