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Come along with us on an exciting journey learning about the U.S.A! From the signing of the Declaration of Independence, to the wild west, you’ll uncover all the secrets this Nation has to offer! Within this curriculum you’ll discover the sights and sounds of all 50 states, including state symbols, U.S. Presidents, famous people, landmarks, historical events, and much more!

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For you history buffs, this is a great introduction for young learners! You will start out learning about the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War. Then you’ll move south to learn more about the Civil War and Underground Railroad. From there you’ll journey with Lewis & Clark through the mid-west, live with the Hopi in the southwest, then venture out into the wild west on a covered wagon ride!

So grab your Travel Logs, and pack your bags! It’s time for a Road Trip!

What’s Included in this curriculum?

There 363 pages of fun filled adventure just waiting for you! It’s divided up into regions, so students will learn about the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, then finally The Western region of the U.S.

Here’s a peek at the Teacher’s Manual. It includes everything you need for each lesson including any additional info, printables, and recipes for each state. There are 136 lessons total, you will cover 2 states per week and do several review lessons along the way.


Here’s a peek at the Student Workbook: It contains everything you need for each student in one easy printable section. The student workbook includes coloring pages for each state along with mini-books that you’ll use to complete either a U.S.A. lap book, or add to the binder dividers for each region.


Road Trip USA is a U.S. History and Geography Curriculum that covers all 50 states in the USA, including a bit on the territories as well. It is designed primarily for elementary level K-4th grade students.

It includes fun States Jeopardy review games as well as colorful student worksheets, and state reports for older students.



Here are some of the topics included in this curriculum:

  • Geographical Locations
  • State Symbols
  • State Capitals and Abbreviations
  • Mapping & Atlas Skills
  • Famous Landmarks
  • Historical Figures
  • Historical Events
  • Craft Activities
  • US Presidents
  • The Constitution
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Revolutionary War
  • Underground Railroad
  • Civil War
  • Pioneers
  • Westward Expansion
  • Native Americans
  • Foods and Recipes
  • State Reports
  • State Jeopardy Review Games
  • State, Capital, and Abbreviation Games
  • State Puzzles

Here’s a look at some of the fun things that are included:

State flashcards, capital cards, and abbreviation puzzle pieces. These are used weekly as review games to help students remember information learned throughout the week.


Included in each state are mini-books and region labels so students can complete the U.S.A. Lap Book:



And as an added bonus, all students participating in Road Trip USA will receive a Travel Log to record their journeys, and finally a commemorative Certificate of Completion once they’ve completed their journey!



  1. Hi Erica. I’m wanting to use this as our main curriculim for a 2nd and a 5th grader. I’d like to adapt it like a FIAR curriculum and choose a children’s book that takes place in each state to go with it. Taking vocab and spelling words from the books I choose and adding my own math, would this be an all around curriculum for my kiddos? Also how many weeks does it span? How long does it take to cover each state? Thank you so much for your input!

    Laurie Davis
    1. Hi Laurie, that sounds like it would be a lot of fun! There are 50 states, and I did them 2 per week so you can get through in one school year, but you can easily spread it out and do one state per week or whatever fits your schedule.

    2. I’m a new homeschooling momma of 4 and I purchased your road trip and expedition earth along with some book studies. I’m new to this and clicked the link to download a bunch of times, not realizing where the downloads went and when I finally figured it out to print, there weren’t anymore downloads left. Is there a way to reset or will I have to repurchase?

      Kelli Clary
  2. Hi Erica,
    God bless you for simplifying this for other moms! I’m wanting to add in read alouds with my kids that tie-in the different states being studied. Do you happen to have a list of such books?

      1. I saw in a different post that you also used the Highlights program “Which way USA”. How did you incorporate this when you don’t know the order that the states come in the mail.

  3. We’re working to catch up a bit after leaving public school, what are your thoughts on this for a 7th-9th grader? If not, any recommendations of a similar curriculum or resource for this level? We’re looking for something that’s fun & engaging, so I like that this appears to be more project based learning, but also want it it be useful for her. Any advisement would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Bri, check out the link at the top of my blog that says “help by grade level” then you can click on whatever grades you’re interested in to see what we use for those grades. If you’re catching up from being a bit behind you might start a grade level down depending on which subjects you need to get caught back up in if that makes sense. So you may do on grade level math, and then a grade level down for reading etc. You can be flexible when homeschooling so you’re on whatever level your student needs to be on.

  4. Hi Erica, just purchased this and am super excited to use it this year! I wanted to ask if you used this with multiple kids at a time and worked through it together or if you typically use it for one kid at a particular grade level? I will be teacher k, 1st & 3rd this year and am debating if I should just use for my 3rd grader or all 3. Thanks!

    1. Hi, we did it all as a group. It was a lot easier on me, and the kids had fun doing everything together 🙂 I would say your kindergartener wouldn’t be able to do all of the writing required, but you can have them color the mini-books for each state and animals etc. Then they can for sure participate in crafts, recipes, and activities! 🙂

  5. I ordered the Roadtrip USA curriculum to use with my homeschooled special needs son. I think he will enjoy it. One of the reasons I selected this was because it says in one of the intro pages that there is a little bit of info about the US territories. I’ve read through all the intro pages and the appendix and have not seen any mention of them. Did I miss something or did I miss getting a download? Thanks!!

    Shirley Faulkner
  6. Can the states be done out of order? We have a new subscription to Highlights Which Way USA, and would like to coordinate the state we are studying with that if possible.

    Katie MEYER
    1. Yes, you can do them out of order, but I do recommend staying in one “region” as they’re kind of handled as a group including review, puzzles, games, etc. for each region.


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