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Classic Literature Volume 3!

Looking for some fun, hands-on, literature activities for your young readers? Look no further! I’ve been releasing literature units each week, and I finally have the Classic Literature Mega Pack Volume 3 ready to go! What is a literature unit? Literature units are a great way to introduce your students to classic literature at a younger age. These units all…

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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Unit Study

Hi everyone! I have a new Literature Unit Study and Lapbook for you today. Join us for The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Hope you enjoy!   Story Summary: Like to ask questions? Always curious about things? Then you’ll love reading all about the inquisitive Sherlock Holmes! Why does a burglar keep smashing statues? Where is the blue carbuncle? And who…

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The Three Musketeers Unit Study

Hi everyone! I have a great classic literature unit study for you today. It’s The Three Musketeers! This is an exciting tale that you won’t want to miss!   Story Summary: The Three Musketeers is full of action, intrigue, and suspense! Follow the story of D’Artagnan, a young nobleman, seeking adventures. He comes upon some new friends and they join…

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Heidi Unit Study

Hi everyone! Looking for some fun summer reading to keep your kiddos from being bored? Heidi is a wonderful story for all to enjoy!   Story Summary: Meet Heidi, the spunky young lady who lives with her grandfather in the open air and sunshine of the Swiss Alps. But it’s not all fun and games as her Aunt decides she…

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Kingdom Series by Chuck Black

I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing author this weekend at the Rocky Mountain Super Conference! His name is Chuck Black and he has a series of books for younger readers (and honestly I loved them as well) that will blow your socks off!   The Kingdom Series: “Don your armor….Fasten your sword…Mount your Steed! And get ready to…

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The Secret Garden Lapbook and Unit Study

Hello! Today I’m releasing The Secret Garden Literature Unit and Lapbook! This is a great book for young readers as not only is it an all time classic, but it includes a lot of adventure and excitement! Hope you enjoy!   Story Summary: The Secret Garden follows the life of a  young orphan named Mary who comes to live with…

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The Time Machine Literature Unit

Hi everyone! Today I have another fun literature classic for you, The Time Machine Unit Study! Hope you enjoy! Story Summary: The Time Machine tells the story of an anxious scientist who discovers how to travel through time. He starts in London in 1895 and travels all the way to the year 802701! Here he encounters quite a variety of…

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Journey to the Center of the Earth Unit Study

Hi everyone! I have another fun Literature Unit Study and Lapbook for you today. This one is on the classic Journey to the Center of the Earth. Hope you enjoy!   Story Summary: The Journey to the Center of the Earth is a fictional story about a young man and his uncle who are launched on an action-packed adventure deep…

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Does God Celebrate Christmas?

I had the privilege of reviewing a new series of books called the Discovering God Series by Phillip W. Rodgers. Phillip has written wonderfully illustrated series of books that are filled with cute poetry that teaches God’s Word to young children!   I received Where Does God Live? and Does God Celebrate Christmas? for review. Both were very cute stories…

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There’s No Place Like Space

I’m a contributor over at the Totally Tots Blog, and this month’s post was on space themed activities. For ours we read There’s No Place Like Space There’s No Place Like Space By Tish Rabe, Cat in the Hat Books There’s No Place Like Space is one of the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library books. It is a cute…

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Mouse Paint Art Lesson

We read this sweet little color mixing book called “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Stoll Walsh. It was a great lead in to a color mixing stART project! What’s stART? Simply put: A Story + Art = A Great stART! For the art portion of this project we made a painted mouse color wheel. Click here to download the Mouse Paint…

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The Big Green Pocketbook

The Big Green Pocketbook: We did a fun reading activity from Homeschool Share to go along with this book. Each child received their own pocket book along with game pieces. As I read the story they filled their little pocketbooks with the correct items. I’ve found them playing this on their own several times since then! Contents downloaded from Homeschool…

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