I’m a contributor over at the Totally Tots Blog, and this month’s post was on space themed activities. For ours we read There’s No Place Like Space


There’s No Place Like Space By Tish Rabe, Cat in the Hat Books

There’s No Place Like Space is one of the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library books. It is a cute rhyming story introducing children to the solar system! It takes them on a fun journey through all of the planets, stars and eventually lands on the moon!

For our Bible Verse, we learned Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

We made a 7 Days of Creation display:


We made this fun display on the 7 days of God ‘s creation! We used Creation Printables from Christian Preshcool Printables to show the days of creation. I also printed this twice, cut them up and made them into a file folder game for my preschooler.

Next, we made a solar system set using Styrofoam balls, tempura paint and wooden skewers.

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  1. We're about to do a unit on space, so I'll have to ask my 8yo DD if we have this book. There are also ones on the sea and bugs I believe. I love the space model. I think we'll take that idea and make one of our own! Wonderful!

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