Looking for some fun, hands-on, literature activities for your young readers? Look no further! I’ve been releasing literature units each week, and I finally have the Classic Literature Mega Pack Volume 3 ready to go!


What is a literature unit?

Literature units are a great way to introduce your students to classic literature at a younger age. These units all use the “Classic Starts” version of the books. These versions are great for younger students to read and comprehend, while still delving into the classics! The literature units come with daily chapter assignments and mini-books that students will use to create a lapbook. They also include comprehension questions and vocabulary to make sure your student understands each chapter, and to help them remember what they’ve read!

These units make reading more fun, engaging, and hands-on!

Units included in this combo pack:

  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Heidi
  • Little Women
  • Moby Dick
  • Peter Pan
  • The Prince & The Pauper
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Swiss Family Robinson
  • The Three Musketeers

What ages are these units for?

I normally recommend my literature units for elementary level readers grades 1-5. You can assign them out individually to your student so they read on their own, then complete the mini-book assignment for each chapter. There are writing assignments for each chapter as your students answer comprehension questions from the reading. So you’ll just want to make sure they’re comfortable writing.

If you have younger students you can read it together as a group, then have them complete the mini-book assignments when you’re done with each chapter.

How long does each literature unit take?

That really depends on your child’s reading speed, and how many chapters there are in the book! It will also depend on how often you assign the lessons.

Each book varies in length, so you can easily modify these units to fit your schedule. So for example, you can assign one chapter per day plus the associated mini-book assignments, or you can have them do 2-3/week. It’s totally up to you, your schedule, and your student.

What’s included in the Unit Study?

Each unit includes everything you need to complete the literature unit and lapbook with the exception of the book itself and a couple of regular file folders.

The download includes a teacher’s manual with the daily reading assignments, along with the comprehension questions and answers for each chapter. This makes it much easier for you to help your students even if you haven’t read the book yourself!

There is also one mini-book for each chapter in the book. Inside your student will answer a comprehension question that relates directly to the chapter they’ve just read. Some assignments include vocabulary words, comprehension questions, and completing the various reports included in the curriculum.

For older students: This unit includes 5 reports that your students can complete. If you have older readers, have them do these reports to make the unit a bit more challenging. If you have younger readers, you might prefer to ask the questions verbally so they aren’t having to write a report.




The reports include:

  • Story Facts (Setting, Main Plot, Main Characters)
  • Protagonist vs. Antagonist
  • Prediction Sheet
  • My Book Report
  • Book vs. Movie
  • Storyboard timeline

As you read through the book, each chapter has a mini-book with comprehension questions for your student to complete.



They also include vocabulary mini-books full of vocabulary terms to learn throughout the story, as well as the reports shown above.



Get it now and start having fun with literature!

(Classroom & Co-op Version available in my store.)


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  • This is a digital download product, you will not receive a hard copy of the material.
  • Classic literature Unit Study – Mega Pack – Personal Use Download. This item is for personal use only. You may use it for your own children as needed. If you are using the curriculum in a multiple-family co-op group or a school class, you will need to purchase the Classroom version of the curriculum.


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  1. what is the difference between the “classic starter” books and “Great Illustrated Classics” or “Treasury of Illustrated Classics”

    and will they work with your literature units?\


    Venicia Doubrava
    1. Hi Venicia,
      I haven’t used the illustrated classics, but I’m guessing they’re just the regular versions with illustrations included. The Classic Starts books are re-written at an easier reading level for younger students.


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