So, last you heard…we were pregnant with baby #3, well, we have clearly passed that mark, and delivered a sweet little ladybug. I went into labor unexpectedly the night before I was to go in for a scheduled cesarean…oh well, guess when they’re ready to come they come eh!?! Anyhoo, as of this week she’ll be 10 weeks old already! Wow, where did that first month go? Not sure, it was hard to see anything from underneath the large pile of laundry I seem to be under most days! Finally starting to get back into the swing of things, loving having her in our home. Kids love her, she’s (of course) beautiful, and so all’s well.

Spent most of last week running around trying to do “fun” things with the kids, hit the zoo where the “elephant poooooop and got washed” according to my son, went to about 4 malls in search of matching dresses for both daughters for Easter, played at the soft breakfast playplace in the Mall. My boy liked the giant “Eggo” and the girls liked the large cereal bowl. Went to lunch with my good friend. Stayed home 1 day to clean out closets of winter garb, and replace with summer stuff. I love doing this, I’m an organizer by nature. Love to clean out and organize stuff…Can’t stand clutter…stuff laying about…I’m an “everything in its place” kind of gal. Just ask my poor husband who can’t ever find anything 5 seconds after he lays it down b/c I’ve already picked it up and put it somewhere. I blame this on my lovely mom…don’t put your water down or it’ll be gone! 🙂

So a little about me since I’m new to the blogging world:
I’m a mom of 3 of the cutest kids in the world. My 6yr old, sweet obedient(I use the term loosely) first born whose now 3 and testing that “obedience” thing. The most cuddly little dude, who is 22 months old, and getting into anything and everything his little fingers can pry open. And my only blue eyed baby, 9 weeks old and the sweetest cutest baby anyone could ask for. My dd and son both have chocolate eyes, this is why I mention her baby blues. I love this job of “mom” most days, some days I need a break, but I am embracing the time I have with them as its already flying by.

Also, I’m a wife to the best guy ever. (Love the sound of his voice.) Sometimes I call our house just to hear his voice on the machine. Corny I know…and the coolest thing is this guy knows me inside and out now, and STILL loves me! How cool is that?

I’m also a scrapbooker, a hobby I previously made fun of, but with all these baby pictures what could I do? Anyway, they have a ton of organizing stuff, and fun tools, so it ended up being right up my ally, and I like to consider myself an amateur photographer wannabe, so I guess it combines my habit of picture taking, with an outlet to show them off.

I like to cook, play with the kids, take pictures, clean my house, and after 3 kids in 3 years, I’m hoping to like to exercise in the near future ;o) Well, that’s enough rambling for today.

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