Today my baby is 2. Well, one of them that is, the other one is 4 months old today. The 9th has proven to be a busy day for us. Two years ago today, at 5pm in the evening, my baby boy was born. One year ago today we took a positive pregnancy test and announced to our family at my son’s 1st birthday party we were expecting. And four months ago today we had our beautiful little blue eyed baby. And quite possibly the sweetest baby to ever live (I know, I say that about all of them!)

I can hardly believe that it’s been two years for the little man, that he’s running around saying “Sing Me Again” (wanting us to sing happy birthday to him). That he comes up and says “Talk to me”. That when he hurts himself he says “Kiss it?” That he’s been smiling non-stop for almost all of his 2 years of life. That I still melt when he looks into my eyes.

I had been to the grocery store the day before his birth in preparation, and almost left my cart and everything else there in the middle of the isle because I “just couldn’t go on”. Woke up that morning with contractions, got to the hospital and the nurse commented “good thing you came in today!” because they were so regular. The surgery was supposed to happen at noon, but unfortunately there some set backs. My doctor was late, and some poor lady came in with an emergency cesarean, we later found out they almost lost both the baby and mother, but in the end everyone came out okay. I was happy to wait for this as she was in desperate need. Thanking God for His perfect timing. What if my doctor had been on time? Would I have been in the OR when she came in, would she have had to wait? They only had one anesthesiologist, and the thought still haunts me. But God is GOOD! And it was all such perfect timing.

Once the staff had recovered from that traumatic event they agreed to let me go in. Unfortunately a tornado warning had just come upon the city and the hospital evacuated everyone into the hallways. Those of you who know me, know that the Tornado is my most dreaded of weather systems. Trying to keep my nerves down for a surgery was tough enough, but then add my ultimate nemesis to the picture. I did maintain composure, and thankfully the warning was short and no one was whisked away by gale forced winds, no cows flying by my hospital room window. No little green men singing. (Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have watched the Wizard of Oz when I was little…) By 4:30pm the warning was lifted, we made our way into the OR and by 5pm the little man appeared, as beautiful a baby as could ever exist. A small little guy (5lbs 12oz) considering the massive size of my belly. I thought for sure he’d be an 8 pounder! And I distinctly recall the nurse saying “he’s a blondie” to which I secretly thought “she obviously has vision issues, as all my babies are dark haired!” This after having only one baby prior…but I was on heavy drugs and slightly foggy, and I was sure that the beautiful dark features of my husband had reigned again in the baby making process. But alas, they were right…his hair was light, though his eyes turned brown almost immediately.

As cute as a button with a perfect little round nose, and instantly mesmerizing eyes that still captivate my soul to the deepest level. I can’t imagine that God created such a perfect little dude, that he was ours to care for, and that He trusted us once again with one of His babies. If that’s not enough to humble a person I don’t know what is.

So welcome to the start of your 3rd year with us my little lovey man. You are a bit crazy at times, always smiling though, and I can’t even remember what it was like without you, nor do I want to.

Love you, Mama

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