I was recently contacted by Beth from “Write for Charity” about an opportunity to publish an article while at the same time raising money for Children’s Charities.


They are seeking short story and poetry submissions to help raise money for children’s charities. Out of the submissions, 101 pieces will be chosen to appear in their anthology.

Writers are invited to submit their work at Write for Charity’s website along with a short bio that will be printed in the event that their work is chosen for this anthology.

Keep in mind when submitting that they are breaking the book down into the following categories:

  1. Pregnancy: Stories from Moms, Dads, and Grandparents to Be
  2. The Day You Were Born
  3. Baby/Toddler Stories
  4. Parent/ Child Bond
  5. Growing Up/ Letting Go
  6. Things I Learned From My Parents
  7. What Being a Parent Has Taught Me

Write for Charity is an organization dedicated to using the written word to improve the world. For more details or to submit your story to Write for Charity, visit writeforcharity.wordpress.com/.

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