I found this box of tissue paper squares from Lakeshore Learning. Since we do so many crafts with Tissue Paper, I decided it was worth it.


This Easter Egg Craft was super easy! I just drew a large egg shape onto construction paper, then had them crumple and glue on decorations. My 2nd grader used a pencil tip, crumpled the paper around the pencil and dipped it in glue. The boy wasn’t too into frilly tissue eggs, so he just wrote out his card.

IMG_4446  IMG_4459

This was too time consuming for my preschooler, she just crumpled the pieces with her fingers and dipped them in glue. It turned out to be a great fine-motor-skill building craft as she had to separate the little sheets of tissue, then crumple, then glue.


Here are our final Eggs! I may cut them out, and hang them in the window!


Happy Easter!


  1. HA! I love that your son skipped the frills and wrote out his card while your daughters' are bursts of pinks and other pretty colors. Daddy must be so proud!! LOL!! BTW: Oriental Trading also offers cut squares like this.

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