I’ve been busy organizing for next week already! Here are some of the projects for the upcoming week for my preschooler. First up to bat are stringing beads I got on clearance from US Toys, they even come with cards to have her copy the pattern, I’m hoping these are a hit as she LOVES to string objects.

Next, I printed out some number cards with dots and laminted them. You can download them here. I found some cheap mini clothespins at Walmart in the craft section. She’ll clip the correct number of pins to the card based on the dots. Just a spin on her number card paper clip game, but different right ;0)
Next up are the cute Target bowls, and some bingo markers. I’m going to have her sort them into the bowls based on the numbers in them.
BLOKUS! It arrived today, and so far everyone loves it. The 2 older kids played the game by the rules, my 3 year old just put all the tiles onto the board, and actually managed to get them ALL on! Nice.
Next up are Kumon Write and Wipe Alphabets. I like these because they are large letters (we also have numbers) and they are easy to trace. And what kid can resist dry erase markers!
A picture of her doing the apple sorting game, she liked it and did an excellent job putting the cards in the pockets based on the picture outside.
A new one from here. I love this blog, this one is called ‘small spaces’ I think, basically she puts the straws in the tiny holes, covers motorskills & counting.
A montessori-ish game from here, another great blog with lots of ideas. Basically you glue 2 shapes in each grid. Then provide your tot with the exact shapes they will need to replicate the ones you glued on. Teaches them to think about which shape goes on bottom and which one goes on top, shape, and color, critical thinking! I got the foam shapies from Walmart, very cheap.
Another measuring game from walking by the way. Basically you cut several strips of whatever to match the dog, caterpillar and shark. Then they sort them based on size. I do have to say though the first thing out of my brilliant little 3 year old is that a dog is BIGGER than a caterpillar…
Another fun one I made up when I found these bag clips at Bed Bath & Beyond. I created color disks to match them, they are solid color on one side, and an object that is the same color on the back side. then mounted them on these wooden disks from Michaels. She’ll clip them to the matching disks. Easy enough, but good for motorskills too.
The older kids playing Blokus, I think this will be a favorite!
2nd grade box: A timer and Brain Quest, how many will she get right in 3 minutes?? I haven’t loaded the rest of her boxes yet, just managed to get through all the prek boxes, but I’ll post later for more 2nd grade stuff.
Kindergarten boxes, a dot to dot, this book starts easy and gets harder as they go.
Kumon alphabet tracing, they are A-Z cards for handwriting practice, these are uppercase.

Last but not least, I got some ‘make your own hot dots’ from Lakeshore Learning today. You can print your own cards, these are phonics cards, I made Short and Long Vowels cards, and then Beginning Sounds Consonants cards. Word to the wise, print cards, laminate, THEN DOT THEM AFTERWARDS! The dots don’t work if they’ve been laminated!

You can download them here:
That’s it for now, off to take a break, then figure out what to do for 2nd grade!

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