2nd Grade Boxes:

We do math and spelling tests on Friday, and we also do Nature walks and such, so everyone only has about 5-6 boxes today. I put a little treat in the last box just for fun!

Math U See Test

I found these assessment worksheets today, LOVE them for testing. Everyone has one for numbers and we’ll do the test together. The younger ones have the number and my 2nd grader has the words ‘one’ etc. I’ll call out numbers and they have to use their dotters to mark them on the sheet. Found the worksheets here. They also have alphabet assessments, including regular font and D’nealian if you use that. Easy for my 2nd grader, but she likes to be included in the fun, actually she made me do an alphabet tree after the numbers one just because she liked it!

Reading a loud time and fun treat!

Kindergarten boxes:

Love these videos! We have Math Circus, Letter Factory (They LOVE this), and the Talking Words Factory. They also have them at Walmart for around $10.

Spider man…AGAIN…and fun snack :o)

Poster Center, letter matching game.

Abeka phonics cards, this doesn’t look like much, but we have my son stand at the other end of the room and i say the word and show the picture, if he hears the correct sound ‘i’ for example, he gets to hop forward one hop. He wins when he gets all the way to me. Doesn’t sound like much, but they ALL LOVE THIS GAME!

I and U worksheet from Abeka

I i handwriting Abeka worksheet.

Preschool day 5 (now, I was originally planning on only doing prek 3 days a week, like if she were going to school outside the home, but we ended up having to fill her boxes each day because she gets mad if she doesn’t have stuff in her boxes and she did school everyday with us this week! Guess I can’t complain right?

Kumon Cutting and Pasting book, they all love these pages. I think I went through at least 3 copies of this book last year. OH and a fun prize too!

Tried the apple sorting with my prek, she loved it!

Kumon Easy Mazes for 2-4 year olds. Practices early writing skills

Her numbers test.

My pictures are in opposite order of how they were placed in the boxes, blogspot loads pics in backwards I guess…or its just me! LOL! Oh well, just note we do tests first, and special treats last! Its all about motivation…and just between you and me, Mommy gets a prize too for getting through the first week too! Whoohoo!
Now onto next week’s planning…

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