Look at that nice little stack of boxes on the floor to the right of her, she’s working her last puzzle box now, I can’t believe it, she actually did them all today, in order even!

2nd Grader Fun Boxes:

Dice Addition and Subtration game, simply roll the dice, fill in the numbers and add together. I made a subtraction one too. I’m thinking of trying to find big dice with dots and using the same game for my Kindergartner.

Preschool: (Tho’ I think everyone will want to play this game since it involves magnets. They are big in our house.)

Fun with Magnet Page Printables from here, just waiting for my magnets to arrive now! They had so many printables, I had to stop, lest my laminator catch fire!

Everyone: Magnet Science Center!I hid several little nuts, washers, etc in the shredded paper tray. They will use the magnet wand or other magnets on the red tray to find the hidden treasures! (Might regret the ‘shredded paper’ idea…) Later we walked around the house finding other things that are magnetic…

Who knew our walls were magnetic! (okay just the corners, but still a cool find!)

Kindergarten Boxes:

Click here to download the Fun stacking cards I made. He will make block towers for each card based on the number of blocks it asks for. I figure this has to be a winner as anything that involves tower building is AWESOME! (said with enthusiasm like Rhino in ‘Bolt’)

Next Science experiment, the salt water vs non salt water floating egg. You can dowload my quick science grid here, we use it for all kinds of things!

Our experiment was from this book:

Reading time, this is always nice to see:

Prek counting pegs, started out this way,

ended up this way:

And, finally, it would appear that our youngest homeschooler has entered into climbing 101, and that was NOT on the curriculum for today I’ll have you know…

That’s it for today! Almost done with week 1!
p.s. I got several ideas from this blog, man is she organized, with tons of ideas!

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