I have a fast and easy Valentine’s project to share with you today! We’re making these adorable Quilty Hearts! So grab your red, pink, and white scraps, and let’s get sewing!

Watch the Quilty Hearts video tutorial here

Download the Quilty Hearts PDF Pattern + Template here!



  1. I love your tutorials, I am a brand new beginner in sewing and your videos are so amazingly easy to follow along with. Ty for making these easy to do projects. I can’t wait to see what you have next!

    Erin Williams
  2. Hi Erica…

    I love following along with you but I do have a question… My projects are NEVER the right size after I sew them. I have measured my seams and checked them over and over and they are always 1/4 inch and my fabrics are always the size that you tell me to use but for some reason I am always shy of the right size when the project is complete and I can’t trim up my blocks because if I do the points will be too close to the edge… I am doing something wrong with trimming up the blocks or something… any ideas to help me out?

    Your blocks are always so beautiful.. note that I did just purchase the Mary Ellen’s best press to try that.. I have heard you mention spraying the fabrics with it before cutting in a couple of your videos… anyways… I want to buy some patterns eventually but I just can’t figure out why mine never match the right size so I am still practicing on the free stuff until I can learn what I am doing wrong… 🙂

    Please keep posting videos… you are an inspiration to beginners like me and I absolutely love the projects I have made – a lot of bags and thanks to you… I know how to sew in zippers and how to make pockets now… which is so cool! They are just always a little wonky and smaller than they are supposed to be… plus, forget about FMQ… I can only straight stitch. I just can’t get it and I am beginning to contemplate changing out my sewing machine… I am using the Brother SQ9285 right now… I got it for Christmas a year ago…

    Thanks so much for all you do!
    Kenna B. (San Antonio, TX)

    Kenna B.
  3. These are darling. I’m making several. But I have a question…would it work to sew around the hearts after tracing, before cutting out? In stead of cutting then sewing? Seems like sewing first would be easier.
    Thank You!


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