We started off our Letter P work today!

Yippee, she loves the pumpkins! This 9 piece puzzle was a little harder than expected, she needed help, but eventually got it. You can download it here.

Our number of the week is 7, she did a coloring worksheet for seven and I also put numbers 1-7 in her pumpkin counting games.

Capital/Lowercase Pp matching, you can download the game here. This was too easy as P and p look almost the same.

Letter P Dot-a-Dot worksheet, you can download a copy of the worksheet here. And you can get the dot-a-dot markers here, or at Lakeshore Learning

Letter P and p lacing cards, you can download a copy of my A-Z lacing cards here. Just print, laminate, cut out and hole punch 🙂

Letter P pom-pom magnet page downloaded from making learning fun.

Our phonics game: 2nd grader had to read special sounds word cards, Kindergartner had to read blend ladders and prek had to give letter sounds. If they answer correctly they can hop forward one hop, if incorrect hop backwards! Winner gets to mom first! They all won of course ;o)

Pumpkin and mini-clothespin counting. She did numbers 1-7.

Practice cutting worksheets, you can download your own from Kids Learning Station

Finishing up our colors book, you can download a copy of my colorbook including color cutouts here.

Her calendar counting, pumpkin calendar numbers, nice…just happened to have those! LOL!

Click here for a complete listing of all my “Letter P” downloads


  1. She's 3 1/2, I just let her do her boxes as she wants to, they don't always get done in order, and some days only half of them get done! I don't refill those though until she finished them all b/c I still want her to do the activities. I'm not moving her to kindergarten next year though, so I'll do prek again and add in some handwriting practice for her, so I'm not too concerned with being all hard core on her this year!

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