I found a generic version of Jengaat Michael’s in the Christmas clearance section. Not sure why it was there, but none the less, I had to grab it. I also got some great wooden puzzles for $1, they have all their Christmas Stocking Stuffers on sale for 60% off.

So…I brought it home and said to my son “Son, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use these blocks to build the tallest tower you can”. Now everyone knows a man can’t deny a dare…so a few minutes later we had this:
(And since no 3yr old can resist a dare either…)

Then, being a good sport, my daughter had her own ideas for the blocks and made a nifty little log house for her dolls.

So aside from the actual game, I thought this was a good workbox fun item to add, and everyone seemed to like it! So go, and get yourself Jengaand see what you can build!


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