I’ve gotten a lot of questions asking about our curriculum, and what we use. Here’s a sample of some of the things we use for our curriculum.

Teeny Tiny Tot School:

Pretty much whatever she wants to do…click here to see a typical day in Teeny Tiny Tot School!





Letter Of The Week by me
Totally Tot Tray Ideas from 1+1+1
Let’s Sticker & Paste!
My Book of Easy Mazes
Kumon ABCs Uppercase
Melissa and Doug Games

Art: Draw Write Now Series, How to Teach Art to Children, I Can Do All Things
Bible: Abeka Bible Series
Fun: Lapbooks
Math: Math U See
Phonics, Language, Reading, Math: Abeka K5

2nd Grade
Art: Draw Write Now Series, How to Teach Art to Children, I Can Do All Things
Bible: Abeka Bible Series
Math: Math U See
Phonics, Language, Reading, Math, Spelling: Abeka 2
History: Abeka 2 History
Science: Abeka 2, Exploring Creation With Astronomy

Some other tools we use in our homeschool:

For more information on why I chose my curriculum, you can read here. Just scroll down the How to get started homeschooling section.


  1. I'm curious about your use of MFW Adventures. I am doing this (first year with MFW) for my 3rd grader, but I noticed you are supplementing for Science and Bible. Do you think MFW is not meaty enough? Do you dislike MFWs Bible portion? Just wondering if I should be doing more…..??

  2. Just wanted to let you know that it was your blog that persuaded me to try workboxes for my 3 middle children (7, 5,and almost 3) at the first of the year. I bought some Sterlite drawers at Target, made them some charts and tags, and got some of the velcro buttons…sound strangely familiar?! (I literally STUDIED your photos!) I am so very pleased with everything. I pack their boxes each night and they go to town the next morning! Thanks so much for the awesome ideas; the "humongous cart things" would never work for 5 children and a small house where the dining room doubles as our school room! 🙂

  3. I love to see what other families are doing so thank you for sharing your curriculum not to mention your awesome printables!!! You have mentioned hot dots in a couple of your posts and I was wondering if you could explain what they are? I might be the only person on the planet who has never heard of them though:) Thanks!

  4. That is great. I am trying to convince my husband to homeschool the my 3 girls (twins in K right now and a 3 yr old). I was thinking if I had a plan it would be easier to grasp. So my question for ALL you homeschooling moms–How much did cost you start homeschooling? How much do you think the annual cost would be? Thanks.

  5. Hi Julie! I wasn't sure if you'd check my comments, so here's a brief answer to your hot dots question:We use them to review math facts, phonics practice and telling time.They sell several different pre-made cards. pr you can purchase Educational Insights Hot Dots with Talking Hot Dots Pen from Amazon, and make your own cards as well! You can download the cards I've made, links are here: http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/blog/2009/11/kindergarten-workbox-fun.html just scroll down some!

  6. Wow. I stumbled upon your blog from a college friend. This is amazing. Your blog has been so encouraging and inspiring. I just have an 18 month old – and it is fantastic to see what you've done and to prepare for the future! Thank you for being so dedicated to post!

  7. RAISING: I like MUS, the blocks have helped get the concepts through for us I think. They do move in a bit of a different order than your typical math, like they didn’t introduce time until the 2nd grade one, and really I don’t think they covered it well. Same for money, they do introduce it, but slowly. Since I had the abeka stuff too, I usually have them do 2 math worksheets a day, one MUS and one Abeka! I haven’t completely made up my mind on it all, so until I do I’m just using both LOL!It is definitely different, but not in a bad way, just different than what you’d expect. I think if I had to do it all over, I might actually just stick with Abeka’s math, but use MUS blocks as manipulatives to help do the worksheets, make sense?Also, we aren’t to fractions yet, but MUS has really cool fraction manipulatives that I think will be worth it. I do have to say that this will be my 6yr olds 2nd year of MUS and her math facts are actually pretty good, so I guess that says something right! :o)

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