Here are some fun ideas for Kindergarten workboxes:

Domino Math: I do this game 2 ways, either I write in the combination’s and he matches the dominoes to it and writes in the answer. Or he picks a domino out and writes the equation and answer himself. Click here to download the domino math game!

Dice Addition/Subtraction! Roll the die, and write a number in the first box, roll again and write it in the second box. Use MUS blocks or counters to figure out the answer! Click here to download the Dice Addition/Subtraction worksheets!

Color Cube Activities: These activities are great for spatial relations, patterns, logical reasoning, geometric concepts, & computation. Click here to see CREATIVE COLOR CUBES ACTIVITY CARDS

Here are some ideas for Kindergarten fun boxes:

Hot Dot Cards: I got some ‘make your own hot dots’ from Lakeshore Learning. You can print your own cards, these are phonics cards, I made Short and Long Vowels cards, and then Beginning Sounds Consonants cards. Word to the wise, print cards, laminate, THEN DOT THEM AFTERWARDS! The dots don’t work if they’ve been laminated!

You can download them here:

Simple individual number cards. You can use these to practice place value, or just plain make numbers, you say a number they make it!

A Place Value Game: Pick numbers and put them in boxes, say the number, and make it with blocks! Click here to download the Place Value Game:

Paint Chip Phonics! LOVE THIS! Click here to read more about how to make it!

Lego Building Cards, downloaded from Honey’s Blog! We Love these!

Geoboards: We use these for shapes, numbers, letters, cool designs etc! Click here to see 11 x 11 Pin Geoboards!

Boggle Jr. Game This game is fun and he can now make the words without cheating and looking at the cards yipee!


  1. Where did you get your big dice, is that part of MUS or something you bought somewhere else? I LOVE your ideas, I just posted my 5th graders boxes and I thought I would do a highlight each week showing my different ages and grades. I have a 5th grader, a 2nd grader, really doing 1st grade work-I have to go slow with him but that is the joy of homeschooling, I love I can go at his pace, and a K daughter. I love your blog

  2. Hi, thanks! I’d love to see your 2nd grade ideas too, it’s hard coming up with “fun” stuff for their boxes since there’s so much core work to put in!Dice: No, they aren’t math u see, they’re just large nerf dice I got at a teacher supply store, we have Lakeshore Learning here, not sure if they have that where you are, but I’m sure you could get them online. I have ones with dots as well, so I alternate them out so we’re working on number recognition and the number patterns on dice.

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